Bajaj RE60 Quadricycle to be ready by Mid 2013; Sri Lanka to get the RE60 first even as India launch remains uncertain

Bajaj Auto’s brand new urban mobility solution, the RE60 Quadricycle, will be up and ready for serial production by the middle of 2013. With the RE60 Quadricycle, Bajaj Auto intends to make urban transport safer and more comfortable. The four wheeled design of the RE60 means that the Quadricycle could be much more stable and consequently safer than the three wheeler contraptions that Bajaj sells, in the form of its Autorickshaws. The RE60 also comes with better weather proofing due to the presence of doors and windows, quite unlike most if not all autorickshaws sold in India.

Bajaj RE60 Urban City Car

2013 Bajaj RE60 Quadricycle

However, a cloud of uncertainty hangs over the launch of the RE60 in India given the fact that Indian government is yet to come up with a Quadricycle policy for the country. Without this policy in place, Bajaj Auto will not be able to sell the RE60 in India as the quadricycle cannot be registered at Indian RTOs. The Indian government, not exactly known for its rapid decision making, could take is own sweet time to put the quadricycle policy in place. Sensing this, Bajaj Auto is looking at Sri Lanka, where it hopes to sell the first batch of RE60 quadricycles.

The Indian launch of the RE60 will happen only after the government here comes up with a quadricycle policy. As there’s no exact time frame for this to happen, the uncertainty around the RE60’s launch in India continues. This is a shame as the RE60 has plenty of potential of making Indian roads more safer as it is a much more stable form or urban transport. The RE60 will be powered by a 200cc liquid cooled single cylinder engine with Bajaj’s twin spark DTSi technology. This engine is said to deliver about 20 Bhp of peak power and a fuel economy figure of about 30 Kmpl.

These figures make the RE60 Quadricycle more powerful and fuel efficient than the current crop of autorickshaws. The RE60 can seat four adults inclusive of the driver and the quadricycle features a steering system similar to that of cars. At about INR 1 lakh, the RE60 is also expected to cost much lower than the Autorickshaw, which is priced at about INR 1.6 lakhs. All in all, the RE60 Quadricycle could very well sound the death knell for the ubiquitous autorickshaw. Bajaj Auto’s 5,000 units/month production facility for the RE60 at Aurangabad, India, seems like the surest indication of how bullish the Indian automaker is about the RE60.

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