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Bharat Benz has launched 3 heavy duty trucks [2523R, 3123R and 2523C] in India; Prices begin from INR 15.7 lakhs


Daimler India Commercial Vehicles has just launched three heavy duty trucks for the Indian heavy duty trucking market. The three trucks launched by Daimler today are the 2523R, 3123R and 2523C models. Of these, the 2523R and 3123R models are for the transport sector while the 2523C is for the construction sector and therefore comes with a tipper design. Over the next 18 months, Daimler will launch no less than 14 more trucks to mount a serious challenge to the leading players in the Indian commercial vehicle segment, market leader Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland.

2012 Bharat Benz 3123R Road Truck

2012 Bharat Benz 3123R Road Truck

• Booking and delivery for three Heavy-duty trucks in 25T and 31T GVW category begins
• India’s most fuel efficient trucks in the segment
• State-of-the-art dealerships ready in South & West, North & East to follow in the next weeks
• 14 more models/ platforms to follow in next 17 months

Daimler is the world’s leader when it comes to trucks and the German brand is very keen to make a big impact in India. Coming to the 3 trucks launched in India, they come with a standard nomenclature that signifies the tonnage and power output. The first two digits denote the number of tonnes that these trucks can haul while the last two digits signify the horsepower rating of the truck. For instance, in the Bharat Benz 2523R truck, the 25 denotes that the truck can carry 25 tonnes of haulage while 23 denotes the 230 Bhp power output of its turbo diesel engine.

While R stands for Road use, C stands for the use in construction sector and a tipper form factor. All three trucks, the 2523R, the 3123R and the 2523C, come with a 6.4 Liter inline 6 turbo diesel engine that generates a peak power of 230 Bhp at 2,200 rpm and a peak torque of 810 Nm at 1,600 rpm. These engines on the road trucks are mated to a six speed manual gearbox that comes with an overdrive function to reduce fuel consumption during cruising. The tipper model though, gets a 9 speed gearbox. All three trucks have a top speed of 90 Kph.

Bharat Benz that the total cost of owning their trucks will be 10% lesser than the competition owing to the higher fuel economy that the Daimler trucks deliver, which is over 10% better than that of its competitors. The trucks come with a sealed cabin design that features air conditioning as an option. The cabin comes with a three way adjustable driver seat and also features a sleeper bed for rest. The cabin is crash tested for better safety. Meanwhile, here are the prices of the Bharat Benz 2523 and the 3123 trucks,

2012 Bharat Benz 2523 Series:  INR 15.7 to 17.2 lakhs

2012 Bharat Benz 3123 Series:  INR 18.7 to 20.2 lakhs

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