Force Motors launches Traveller 26 seater and Traveller Luxury 15 seater van priced at INR 11.50 lakhs and 14 Lakhs!


Team ICB brought you images of both the Force Traveller 26 and the Force Traveller Luxury 15 van variants that Pune based Force Motors was to unveil through our global exclusive scoops of these vehiclesdoing the testing rounds in and around Pune. Our roving eye in the sky even managed to deliver images of the Force Traveller CNG doing the testing rounds, a model which will be launched very soon. Coming back to the two variants of the Force Traveller vans launched at the 2012 Indian Auto Expo, the Traveller 26 is targeted at the mini bus market while the Traveller Luxury is targeted at the luxury van segment.

Force Traveller Luxury Wide Body Passsenger Van Force Motors launches Traveller 26 seater and Traveller Luxury 15 seater van priced at INR 11.50 lakhs and 14 Lakhs!

Force Traveller Luxury Wide Body Passenger Van

The Traveller 26 is a wide bodied iteration of the iconic Tempo Traveler, which has Daimler roots and a Mercedes Benz derived OM611 common rail diesel engine. This vehicle represents Force Motors’ efforts to break into the attractive mini bus segment, where the likes of Tata and Mahindra are already present. The Force Traveler 26′s wide body has a 2+2 seating layout to accommodate 25 passengers plus a driver. The rear wheels feature four tyres to provide stability to the wide bodies design. The Force Traveller 26 is priced at INR 11.75 Lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi.

A luxurious van variant that Force Motors launched at the Auto Expo, targeting inter city travel is the 15 seater Force Luxury van. This van is the luxury variant of the Force 26 wide bodied Traveller. With air conditioning as standard, this van will also feature push back seats to provide added luxury for its passengers. The van is expected to take on the likes of the Volvo buses and promise a fast and efficient mode of transport, adding in the crucial last mile connectivity which the bigger Volvo buses do not offer due to the limitations caused by their bigger size. The Forc Traveller Luxury van is priced at INR 14 Lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi.

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