ICB Exclusive: We show you Bajaj Auto’s revamped range of Autorickshaws

Bajaj Auto Limited must be one elated commercial vehicle maker, for the Indian government has just approved Quadricycles to be used on Indian roads. The first and the direct beneficiary of this policy is the RE60 Quadricycle, a four wheeler that Bajaj Auto is ready to build. While the RE60 Quadricycle will go on sale once Bajaj Auto manages to meet all regulatory norms, the automaker is also bullish on its three wheeler range, a sector in which it is the undisputed market leader.

2013 Bajaj RE Autorickshaw Spyshot

2013 Bajaj RE Autorickshaw Spyshot

Bajaj Auto is all set to revamp its entire three wheeler range and here are exclusive image of the on-test Bajaj Autorickshaws, snapped up by EarthFusion, Team ICB’s roving eye in the sky. Bajaj Auto is betting big on CNG power for its revamped range of autorickshaws, even as the availability of CNG fuel stations is becoming more and more easy across the bigger cities of India.

Apart from the usage of CNG, Bajaj Auto’s revamped range of autorickshaws will come with a host of improvements, many of them aimed to boost the comfort level of the driven and passengers of the autorickshaws. All the autorickshaws in Bajaj Auto’s revamped range will use the rear engine layout. Also, tweaks to the exterior design of the revamped range of Bajaj autorickshaws are aimed at making these three wheelers more visually appealing than ever before.

The CNG and LPG kits on the revamped range of Bajaj autorickshaws will be supplied by Vanaz, a well known Pune based manufacturer of LPG and CNG kits for vehicles.  The launch of the revamped range of Bajaj autorickshaws will happen in the next few months. From these spyshots, it is evident that Bajaj Auto will continue to build and sell autorickshaws based on the requirement of specific markets even as the automaker projects the RE60 as a viable alternative to the autorickshaw as a tool for urban mobility.

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