Indian Automobile Engineering students make a motorcycle mounted “Bicyvator” excavator

Bicyvator by Carmel Engineering College Students

Bicyvator by Carmel Engineering College Students

Over the past few days, it indeed has been heart warming to see the number of Indian innovations happening in the automobile sector with all of them involving students doing the major developmental work. Today, we have the “Bicyvator” which essentially is an mini excavator that is mounted on a motorcycle.

Designed and executed by a bunch of final year mechanical engineering students from the Carmel Engineering College, Pathanamthitta, Kerala, the Bicyvator is a very economical design that costs very less to make and also operate. The students claim that the entire project done on a commercial scale could cost as less as INR 10,000 excluding the cost of the donor motorcycle.

All the more impressive is the low amount of fuel the excavator uses to carry out excavating jobs, which is pegged at one liter of petrol per hours, which is extremely remarkable. The students have spent INR 30,000 to put the Bicyvator together and say that the biggest advantage of the Bicyvator is the fact that it can work in narrow spaces where conventional excavators like the ones made by JCB and Tata-Hitachi will have trouble fitting in.

Meanwhile, the final year mechanical engineering students who developed the Bicyvator are Solomon Joseph, S. Shamersha, S. Nikhil, Sanju Varghese, Sooraj Ravikumar and G. Sudheesh Kumar, under the able guidance of Senior Lecturer Pradeep George. Team ICB congratulates the college team for their innovation and wishes them all the very best for their future.

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