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Indian government releases draft notification on Quadricycles; Advantage Bajaj RE 60



The Indian government has issued a draft notification for the National Quadricycle Policy. Now, this is a welcome development for Bajaj Auto, which is hoping that its RE60 Quadricycle can finally be launched in India once the final notification for the Quadricycle is issued. For now, the Quadricycle category doesn’t exist in the Indian Motor Vehicle Act and through the notification, the Indian government plans to introduce this category of vehicles mainly in the people and goods moving sectors. For now, the draft policy is looking at making quadricycles commercial vehicles for use only on city roads.

Bajaj RE60 Urban City Car

Bajaj RE60 Urban City Car

The final notification of the quadricycle policy in India could happen in October this year. After the final notification comes in October, Bajaj Auto will be able to build and sell its RE60 quadricycle in India. Both passenger carrier and cargo versions of the quadricycle will be defined in the final notification that the government will issue. Certain requirements for the quadricycle include a fully enclosed body with a steering wheel and four wheels. Also, a passenger carrying quadricycle must not weigh more than 450 Kg when it’s empty while a cargo version of the quadricycle must not weigh more than 550 Kg when it’s empty.

Bajaj RE60 Urban City Car

Bajaj RE60 Urban City Car

Bajaj Auto unveiled the RE60 Quadricycle just before the 2012 Auto Expo and even showcased the vehicle at the Expo. Since then, the company has not been able to produce this vehicle as the Quadricycle category didn’t exist in India. With the government now taking steps to classify and regulate the new class of vehicle, quadricycles like the RE60 could be a safer alternative to three wheeled autorickshaws. The car lobby isn’t happy with the Indian government approving the Quadricycle category as they feels that the RE60 might replace cheaper cars. So, the government will initially approve quadricycles only for commercial usage.

Source: ET

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  1. yila

    September 16, 2013 at 10:32 am

    Government should allow this as private vehicles to replace the unsafe two wheelers of big families. Why should only rich have all the fun (cars)?

  2. tribhwuan pd sharma

    August 4, 2014 at 3:01 pm

    this a good for fuel economy and use by common man in urban area

  3. p h i u kumara

    October 19, 2014 at 3:26 pm

    when it introduce in sri lanka

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