Nissan-Ashok Leyland Dost LCV launched at a price of INR 3.79 Lakhs Ex-Showroom Chennai!

Ashok Leyland-Nissan Dost 1.25 Ton Pick Up Truck

Ashok Leyland-Nissan Dost 1.25 Ton Pick Up Truck

 The Ashok Leyland-Nissan joint venture’s first product, the Dost 1.25 Pick Up Truck was launched at Chennai, yesterday. This LCV which has a payload of 1.25 Tons is priced at INR 3.79 Lakhs, Ex-showroom Chennai for the base variant. The Dost LCV is also available in another variant, which comes with a range of extra features, and is priced at INR 4.39 Lakhs Ex-showroom Chennai.

The Dost LCV is powered by a 1.5 Liter, 3 cylinder common rail diesel engine producing 55 Bhp of peak power and 150 Nm of peak torque. These figures make the Dost LCV the most powerful vehicle in its class. The higher capacity of the engine also means that the Dost can attain higher cruising speeds at full load.  The Dost LCV’s engine has been tuned to meet both BS3 and BS4 emission norms.

, Ashok Leyland-Nissan Dost 1.25 Ton Pick Up Truck

Ashok Leyland-Nissan Dost 1.25 Ton Pick Up Truck

Apart from the higher load carrying capacity and the bigger engine, the Dost Pick Up Truck brings a host of class leading features that hitherto have been absent on commercial vehicles. In particular focus, is the emphasis the Dost LCV places on driver comfort. The cabin of the Dost Pick Up is much more bigger than the competition, and this is to ensure that the driver of these pick ups have a comfortable work area.

Similarly, the top end model of the Dost Pick Up comes with power steering and air conditioning, both of which are segment firsts. The driver’s seat also doubles up into a flat bed for the driver to rest during longer journeys. All in all, the Ashok Leyland-Nissan Dost 1.25 Ton Pick Up is a refreshing change in the Pick Up market which has so far mainly focused on sheer utilitarianism than any semblance of driver comfort.

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