Ather Energy To Showcase India’s First Smart Electric Scooter

Ather Energy, a Bangalore based startup will soon unveil its opening product: India’s first smart electric scooter. Dubbed the S340, Ather Energy’s niche product will debut at SURGE, Web Summit’s first conference in India. The CEO of Ather Energy, Tarun Mehta will also be present at the conference as a speaker.

Ather Energy S340 front

The S340, is an Indian electric scooter with an array of smart capabilities

Ather Energy’s S340 will enter the still nascent smart vehicle segment of the Indian automotive industry. Although electric scooters have been on sale in India for quite sometime now, the segment has been devoid of products that can truly be considered daily drivers. Ather Energy seeks to bring about a radical change to this outlook with a scooter that offers nearly as much functionality as a German super luxury car.

gogoro electric scooter front

The Gogoru Smart Scooter maybe the Ather Energy S340’s only direct rival

The S340 makes use of a Linux based operating system and an array of sensors that provides features such as theft deterrent systems, usage stats and navigation. Ather Energy has swapped out conventional instrument clusters for a smart dashboard that deciphers the situation and conveys the most relevant information to its rider. The Indian electric scooter stays connected to the company servers to allow better monitoring of rider style to ensure proper data such as current battery levels and range remaining is as accurate as can be.

Ather Electric scooter

The Indian electric scooter will launch sometime later this year

The Bangalore electric scooter start up has also developed its scooter’s battery pack and battery management system in-house. This provides a more in depth analysis of the battery pack and makes OTA (Over The Air) updates possible. The battery pack’s fast charging capabilities also greatly reduce the stress commonly associated with long distance travel on electric vehicles. At just 15 kg, the battery pack is 3 times lighter than conventional packs. As such the S340 catapults itself to a top speed of 75 km/h at rates that rival its petrol powered rivals.

Ather Energy is the brainchild of IIT graduates Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain. The company has recently received funding from Flipkart founders and aims for a late 2016 launch for its first product. Although pricing is yet to be announced, CEO Tarun Mehta did informally state that the S340 may be INR 20,000 to 30,000 more than the Honda Activa.

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