Hi-Bird launches 2 electric scooters with ranges of 70 kms/charge and 100 kph top speeds!

Hibird Electric Scooter

Hibird Electric Scooter

Slow pokes with not enough muster to even get across the urban flyovers at a fairly rapid clip was what categorized electric vehicles in the past. While we now have more powerful options with 750W motors capable of decent speed and acceleration, here are a couple of electric scooters that are the fastest India has ever seen.

Hi-Bird, an Indian company which exports bicycles to countries across the world has just launched it’s electric scooter range with two models. The Hi-Bird electric scooters have top speeds of 100 kph, which is indeed remarkable with a decent range of 70 kms on a full charge.

A major reason for speed and range could be lighter weight that lithium ion battery technology brings to the table. Both these electric vehicles, which can be charged through household plug points come with lithium ion batteries and are assembled locally in India from kits imported from Taiwan.

This is where we’re skeptical about the fit and finish of the Hi-Bird electric scooters as the pictures indicate downright dowdy looks and a very average fit and finish. It appears that the new makers in the EV market still have some catching up to do with the likes of mainstream manufacturers like TVS Motors, whose EVs are vastly superior in the fit and finish department.

Any which ways, lets hope that Hi-Bird manages to deliver good quality electric bikes at the attractive price point which they have launched their e-Bikes currently. Meanwhile, here’s Mr R.D.Sharma, Chairman, Hi-Bird Group of Industries talking about his firm’s latest electric vehicles.

New electric scooters in line with the go-green goal have been launched to complement efforts to reduce air polluting vehicle emission. The futuristic-looking scooters feature an electric motor mounted in the rear wheel, which is powered by lithium-ion batteries. The scooters have a top speed of 100kph and a maximum range of about 70 km after each charge of 5-6 hours. The scooter has an on-board charging system and can be charged using the household electric plug point. The vehicles are totally environment friendly noise free, smoke free, no petrol, no registration, no license and have a very low running cost. The carrying capacity of the vehicle is one adult and one child. Hi Bird has taken over the ambitious venture to launch Battery Operated e-scooters at an affordable price to cater to the sizable Indian middle class. He added that there is huge demand for e-scooters in the country as it can be easily driven by youngsters, working women, professionals and senior citizens. The price range of two models is between Rs 27,000 and Rs 28,900. The recent government subsidies on electric bikes have encouraged us to launch electric two wheelers. In fact, the state governments of Delhi and Chandigarh offer 20 percent subsidy apart from the central government rebate of 15 percent on electric two wheelers.

Via Motoroids

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