Mahindra-Reva to launch E2O electric car on the 18th of March 2013

Mahindra-Reva, an Indian electric car maker, has officially announced the launch date for the E2O. The E2O electric hatchback will be launched on the 18th of March, 2013. The E2O is the first electric hatchback from Mahindra-Reva that is capable of seating four adults. The car will also come with lithium ion batteries as standard instead of the heavier but cheaper lead acid batteries. The E2O is expected to have a range of 100 Kilometers per charge while top speed is rated at 103 Kph. The E2O’s pricing promises to be a secret at least until the official launch of this electric car.

2012 Mahindra Reva NXR Electric Car

2013 Mahindra Reva E2O Electric Hatchback

The Mahindra E2O is expected to get cutting edge telematics. The car is expected to come with an emergency feature that involves the driver sending an SMS to a central server that would in turn activate the reserve battery capacity of the car. Another feature on the E2O involves the switching on of air conditioning up to 20 minutes before the journey. This feature will be a boon for folks who have uncovered parking lots. In summer months, cars parked under the sun tend to get very hot and the AC takes a while to get cool the car sufficiently.

So, the telematics based remote AC activation feature of the E2O will be a very cool feature to have.  Just yesterday, Mr Pravin Shah, the CEO of Mahindra’ Automotive Division, told Team ICB that the exact launch date of the E2O remains unknown, and today we have this announcement. Nevertheless, the announcement of the launch date for the E2O will gladden many prospective buyers who’ve been waiting for the launch for many months now. The big concern surrounding the E2O remains its pricing. Previously, top Mahindra officials hinted that the E2O would be priced between 5 to 6 lakh rupees.

This price was arrived at keeping in mind the Indian government’s subsidy for electric vehicles. Now though, the Indian government hasn’t announced any subsidy for electric cars just as yet and this factor could weigh heavily in the pricing of the E2O. Mahindra’s Automotive Division Head, Mr Pravin Shah, has stated that the car maker would not be able to absorb the lack of subsidy for the Reva E2O. So, that opens up the distinct possibility of the E2O’s price going up by nearly a lakh rupees. In light of these developments, Mahindra-Reva will have a tight rope to walk while pricing the E2O electric hatchback.

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