Volvo V90 Cross Country launched in India, Will it create an all new segment?

The Volvo V90 Cross Country breaks cover in India as the country’s first luxury crossover station wagon.

Estate cars were never popular in India. Let’s take a number, the Tata Sierra, Indigo Marina, Fiat Sienna Weekend, Skoda Combi and the Fiat Adventure. That’s five that we could remember. These cars were launched many years ago and didn’t set the sales charts on fire. But the owners are still fans and love the body style, with all the practicality that comes with it.

Now Volvo have launched a luxury station wagon, a first for India. Priced at Rs 60 lakhs, the Volvo V90 Cross Country looks to be great value for money as you get the practicality with the great looks of the S90 sedan. Well the Cross Country is based on the S90 sedan and you would have a tough time telling them apart when viewed directly from the front. The 20 inch wheels though are cool, Volvo sure knows how to make cool wheels.

Volvo V90 Cross Country is a cool car despite it being a station wagon. The rear of the car is stylish and elegant and well integrated, not at all like an after thought. Rear tail lights are similar to the ones on the bigger SUVs, integrating into the C pillars.

There is some extra plastic cladding around the sides and on the front and rear bumpers to emphasize the station wagon crossoverness incase the rear of the car isn’t clear enough. There is also four wheel drive as well so the station wagon can go off road as well with few fusses. The air suspension should also come in handy as well.

The party piece of the V90 Cross Country will be the 590 litres of cargo space or the 1526 litres with the rear seats folded if you really want to show off. Interiors are also like on the S90 sedan with the huge touch screen dominating and controlling everything with some wooden bits as well. There are also luxuries like massage and ventilated seats. Powering the V90 will be the same 2-litre D5 diesel engine outputting 235 bhp, which is more than figures of the S90 and XC90.

Indians love their SUVs and crossovers so the V90 can be a great fit in the Indian auto scheme. There is a demand for luxury SUVs and sedans and the Volvo V90 cuts the fine line between both. Priced reasonably well as well, Volvo might have created a whole new lucrative segment!

Specifications 2.0 Diesel
Engine 1,969 cc
Max Power 253 bhp
Peak Torque 480 Nm
Transmission 8-speed Automatic


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