UPDATED : What people of India have in mind when comes to making their ride “UNIQUE”

Why do we ride? What is the purpose of buying a car? Is it just a way of commuting from one place to other or there’s more to it? Not everyone thinks same about having a Car. The people who think about vehicles as more than a  mode of transportation are called Automotive Enthusiasts, and why did I bold out these letters because these are the special group of people who exist in our society in form of a Teacher, Student, Doctor, Lawyer, and businessmen etc. These are the people who look at cars from a very different point of view and cars mean a lot to them apart from being just another mode of transport.

These people maintain a relation with their vehicles as like they are just the part of their family, they grow with their vehicles learning new things about them on daily basis and always in search of making their rides more unique to the crowd and modding them according to their taste. So, here we present you some of the best modded and unique rides of India and the story behind their creation straight from the head and heart of the owners who put in countless hours in creating their dream rides and this just can’t be bought, the love and the dedication to work on their vehicles late in the night, getting dirty in the oil, sweating profusely while waxing them just so their rides shine their best at all times.

STAY TUNED for the very best and unique rides of India.

The Mid-Engined Skoda Octavia VRS

As the name suggests this is no ordinary Skoda Octavia VRS that was sold in India. This one has been created by the people at TVARA PERFORMANCE Banglore, The official distributor of the Honeywell Garrett Turbochargers in India, a lot of dedication and hard work has been put into the development of the vehicle.  

The Skoda runs a custom made mid-engined rear wheel drive setup created by the fabricators at the facility, the stock turbo has been upgraded with a new Honeywell Garrett GTX2971r turbocharger, the pistons have been spruced up with more powerful JE forged pistons, Eagle connecting rods along with ACL Race Bearings. All these components of the engine are supported by custom intake manifold with the help of 70mm throttle body all this created especially for this engine setup and the engine breathes through BMC cold air intake system. The fuel is provided to the engine with the help of upgraded Bosch Motorsports Injectors. To support all the upgraded parts of the engine complete wiring harness has been stripped off and new electronic management system and wiring have been put in which is managed by Race Dynamics RD1401 standalone ECU which has been specially tuned for this vehicle.

Custom Intake manifold designed by the fabricators for maximum flow


To accommodate the custom plumbing of intercooler and radiator new steel tubular frame has been created, along with reinforced anti-roll bar and roll cage which has been designed in-house. The engine transmits the power to the rear Hoosier drag wheels through the SQS drag transmission and produces power upward of 450 BHP and the car performed very well on the India Speed Week, Kolkata last year winning in over three categories. The rear half portion of the car has been made by one piece composite material to keep the weight to the minimum and improved aerodynamics. The car runs on Koni coil over setup along with Clutchmasters Stage 4 clutch, Greddy Profec Electronic Boost controller and HKS M45i Spark plugs. 

The car is still in development mode so no official 0-100 timings have been confirmed by the creators of this mad drag machine. The car is receiving further mods and power gains and has been updated with new paint scheme.

The car has been updated with the new paint scheme.


The Drag King of India HONDA CITY turbo Dragster (Audi R8 beater) by Race Concepts

This Honda has got some serious power and torque to deliver and as the title reads it is the fastest drag racing car of India exclusively build and designed by RACE CONCEPTS a tuning shop in Bangalore. The owner has put in a serious amount of research and designing while building this car and numerous nights have been worked upon the engine and the design to make one of a kind ride.  

Under the hood of this unusual and curvy looking drag machine is a 1500cc honda engine that has been spruced up to the gains which make it the fastest 1.5-litre engine in the world. The engine mods contain a very long list which starts from the engine swap, the stock engine has been swapped with a 1.5 litre D15B SOHC based turbocharged engine along with Race Concepts exclusive forged internals which includes pistons, connecting rods, bearings, and other small things all designed and made by race concepts itself. This shows how much work has been done with the dedication and enthusiasm. The engine has Stage 5 engine head, Custom valvetrain with titanium components, Custom made Race Concepts turbo camshaft, Stage 5 ceramic race clutch, large high flow injectors, high flow racing fuel pump along with custom made fuel tank, custom made quad throttle intake system all designed and engineered in-house at Race Concepts. 

The engine has been turbocharged with the help of Garrett Dual ball bearing turbo along with housing of the turbosmart blow-off valve and external wastegate, exhaust manifold has been made by race concepts for the maximum exhaust flow and performance. All of this power is transmitted to the front Hollister drag tyres by the help of custom close ratio gearbox designed by race concepts itself and has been tested to handle power upto 600 BHP. All of the engine wiring and electronic gauges are managed by Race Dynamics race spec ECU module RD1401 and a custom made limited slip differential to utilize the maximum torque and all of these components are packed under the custom designed aerodynamic body shell.

The power ratings of the car are 610 BHP @8700 Rpm and torque figures are 480 Nm @7800 Rpm. the 0-100 kmph timings are mind boggling 3.5 seconds and to go from 0-200 kmph this monster honda takes only 9.0 seconds. At the Drag Race event held recently, the car outperformed Audi R8 v10 beating the v10 monster in quarter mile drag race and posting the best time of 11.10 seconds for the quarter mile run and the car was at speed of 215 km/h at the exit of 400 meters. 

This is definitely a unique and enthusiastic build and the owner has put in countless hours in the creation of this monster and this Vtec does kicks in.


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