2017 F1 Austrian Grand Prix: Hamilton receives grid penalty

Lewis Hamilton has received a five place grid penalty after the gearbox on his Mercedes had to be changed.

For a change its not McLaren that is in the grid penalties this weekend but one of the front runners Lewis Hamilton took the five place penalty after his gearbox was swapped for a new one. The team had found an issue and thought better to swap it out rather than risk a failure in the race and a complete loss of points.

His arch rival in the 2017 Formula 1 Driver’s Championship Vettel is leading by a narrow margin of 14 points and Hamilton or his team wouldn’t want any slip up during the race to hamper his performance risking the loss of more poiints. With a dominant car, the Brit can easily makeup positions despite starting 8th if he manages to have a clean start with no damage. The start of an F1 race is mostly filled with incidents as there is little space for everyone to negotiate cleanly resulting in clipped wings or punctures.

If Hamilton has a clean start he can pass the back markers with the dominance of his Mercedes F1 car and catch up with the front runners where the real battles will be fought. Passing the Red Bulls and Raikkonen’s Ferrari will be the main challenges for him and then we might be treated to some battles as he takes on Vettel, if all goes to plan. Bottas might or might not have a role to play in this race, but he won’t be trying any blocking techniques and will try to go as fast as possible and win the race, which will be good news for Hamilton as less points on offer for Vettel if the German manages to finish only second.

Also Lewis is starting on super softs which should help him run longer on his first stint than the rest of the field running on super softs. There is 0.3 second gap between super soft and ultra soft tyres here according to Pirelli, so Hamilton will be having a different strategy and the viewers might be treated to some overtaking action.

He won’t be having any head rest woes this weekend though as Mercedes have re-engineered the clips on the head rest and it won’t slip out like last time.

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