F1 Champion Jenson Button caught speeding… on a bicycle!

Jenson Button has been caught speeding and that too on a bicycle! Guess he still has the competitive edge of Formula 1 to be the fastest.

Yes the former world champion has been caught speeding and that too on a bicycle but its not the speeding that we click baited you into reading this article. Despite taking a break from active F1 racing action this season, Button is keeping himself fit as he intents to return to the sport next year. With Alonso taking the weekend off during Monaco to go Indycar racing, Button is back behind the wheel of the MCL32 as he still has the role of backup driver for the team.




Okay now onto the speeding part, one of the best ways to remain fit is to constantly challenge yourself so you are at the peak of your physical and mental self. Racing drivers follow a strenuous and systematic fitness routine to keep themselves fit through an entire season of racing and G forces. Button is doing that but in order to challenge himself, he is taking part in triathlons, which are one of the best arenas to test your strengths, both physical and mental grit.

The Ironman challenge is one of the famous triathlons where you swim 3.86 km, cycle 180.25 km and run a marathon of 42.20 km without a break in a single day. Not everyone can be there at the starting line of an Ironman, you first have to finish a half Ironman or a Ironman 70.3 consisting of a 1.9 km swim, 90 km bike ride, and a 21.1 km run to the finish line.

Button finished third in his class but was later disqualified when he went too fast in a ‘Go Slow’ zone. After being used to waved yellow flags or rather blue flags towards the latter part of his career to tell him to go slowly, Button might have gotten into the mindset of the racer as he got into the racing seat of his machine. Well don’t pooh pooh the machine as we googled about and are now very knowledgeable about ‘Specialized’ the company that makes the  ‘S-Works Tarmac’ bike that Button used in the second leg of the Ironman 70.3.

There is also a custom McLaren version as well!

It’s a beast of a machine on two wheels! There’s an electronic gear shifting system and a very stiff chassis that is very quick of the line. It’s a pleasure to ride with it being very light and will bring out your best is what we found on the net and Button proves that point. Also more importantly it looks super cool! Well when you are racing with such serious machinery, you can cut Button some slack.

McLaren Honda could do with some over speeding and Button will be raring to start his 306th Grand Prix at Monaco, to be back in the racing seat of his four wheeled racing machine.




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