Sans Inc’s latest kit for the Royal Enfield Bullet, The Vintage Bolt On Kit: ICB Exclusive!

A while ago, we brought you a story about Saurabh Katar owned Sans Inc coming up with a cafe racer bolt-on kit that would fit  every Royal Enfield model being produced currently. Now, we have another bolt-on kit from Sans Inc, but this one will rewind time back, to take you to the Enfields of yore.

A Royal Enfield kitted out with Sans Inc Vintage Bolt-On Kit

An illustration on how a Royal Enfield will look when kitted out with Sans Inc Vintage Bolt-On Kit

Owning a vintage Royal Enfield isn’t everyone’s cup of tea as the sheer time and effort required for maintaining one is something that eludes most of us. So, Sans Inc will give you an option of riding something that looks and feels vintage but with modern mechanicals through the Vintage Bolt On Body kit.

This body kit will fit all existing Royal Enfield motorcycles just like the Cafe Racer bolt-on kit. Also, it is quite affordably priced at INR 25,000 for a kit irrespective of the Royal Enfield motorcycle you own, although for certain Royal Enfield models, the Vintage Bolt On kit can be had for as less as INR 22,100.

For this much money, you can completely transform your modern Royal Enfield to a vintage looking retro modern Royal Enfield. All in all, you get the reliability and modernity, of say a UCE engine if you choose to use a UCE engined Royal Enfield as a donor motorcycle to convert to the vintage look, while still retaining the timeless character of a classy looking vintage Royal Enfield.

Here is the complete list of parts that you will receive when you buy the Royal Enfield Vintage Bolt On body kit from Sans Inc. Saurabh Katar can be reached at [email protected] for sales enquiries about the Royal Enfield Vintage Bolt On Kit. Alternatively, you can call Saurabh on +919620767393.

Sans Inc's Royal Enfield Vintage Bolt-On Kit

Sans Inc's Royal Enfield Vintage Bolt-On Kit

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