2012 KTM Duke 200 gets a remap option by Indian tuning firm Kiirus Autosport, that pushes up the rev limiter to 11,700 rpm, in an ICB exclusive

Lots of folks whom we know and who have experienced the KTM Duke 200 have had one thing to say about the motorcycle, and that has been of the Duke 200 being the next best thing to the high strung two strokes that we had roaming Indian streets once upon a time. Romanticism apart, it’s been barely a couple of weeks since the first KTM Duke 200s have begun hitting the Indian streets and now, we have an Indian performance tuning firm, Kiirus Autosports, coming up with a remap solution for the Duke 200. Jump right in for all the juicy details that we’re serving up piping hot on the interweb today, and by the way, you read it first on IndianCarsBikes.in.

KTM Duke 200

2012 KTM Duke 200 Streetfighter Motorcycle

Kiirus Autosports offers a remap solution for the KTM Duke 200, which the tuning firm claims, improves power throughout the rev range. Although the motorcycle with the remap hasn’t been dyno tested yet, Kiirus suggests that a 3 Bhp increase could be expected after the remap. The biggest gain to be had from the remap is that the rev limiter of the KTM Duke 200 is now pushed much higher, now coming in at 11,700 rpm, which is a full 1,200 rpm increase over the stock Duke 200’s rev limit of 10,500 rpm. The new rev limit of 11,700 rpm is applicable to each of the six gears of the Duke 200.

All these extra revs are said to deliver a top speed of about 12-15 Kph extra over the stock motorcycle’s top speed. The KTM Duke 200 is one of the few motorcycles in India that actually is extremely shortly geared, which allows it to hit the rev limiter very quickly in each gear. Even with the Kiirus Autosports’ remap, the motorcycle is said to be capable of hitting the rev limiter in all six gears, which means that the grunty, hooligan nature of the motorcycle has been retained. Kiirus also claims that the idle speed of the motorcycle is reduced, with a smoother bottom end of the rev spectrum, which isย  far cry from the fast-ish idle that the KTM Duke 200 comes with in stock form.

KTM Duke 200

2012 KTM Duke 200 Streetfighter Motorcycle

Reportedly, the other gain from the remap is a higher fuel efficiency number as the engine’s fueling is said to be optimized by the remap. So, if you ride sanely with the remap, expect to get a decent gain of a kilometer or two over the stock Duke 200’s remap. The first few KTM Duke 200s with Kiirus’ remap are already running on Indian roads and Kiirus says that the motorcycle with the remap will not require any more maintenance than what Bajaj-KTM suggest, with the existing service intervals to be retained as it is.

More importantly, KTM-Bajaj service centers will not be able to find out whether your Duke 200 has been remapped as the diagnostic tool will be unable to recognize any change in the ECU due to the remap. This is something that most Duke 200 owners wanting a remap will be concerned about and with the Kiirus Autosport remap, they’d be able to keep warranty as it is. The cost of the remap is INR 12,000 all inclusive. If you’re in Mumbai, you can head to Kiirus Autosports’ tuning shop on Palm Beach Road. The process of remapping the ECU takes about 4 hours.

KTM Duke 200 in the flesh

2012 KTM Duke 200 in the flesh

In case, you’re not from Mumbai, you’ll have to ship your stock ECU to Kiirus, who will then remap your ECU and ship it back to you the same day. Once the remapped ECU reaches, you just need to install it and you’re good to go. It’s plug and play, as simple as that. As an inaugural offer, Kiirus is also offering a free wash and wax detailing job on the KTM Duke 200s that get the ECU remap done atย  Kiirus’ Mumbai tuning shop. For more details, you may get in touch with Abhishek Mukherjee, the owner of Kiirus Autosports, on +91-9594060920. Alternately, you can email for more information about the remap on info(at)kiirus(dot)in.

Kiirus Autosports, especially when it comes to the ECU remapping service, which happens to be their bread and butter business, is run by a bunch of collaborators spread across the world. And that’s precisely what Abhishek Mukherjee, the Indian who owns this tuning outfit had to say when Team ICB got in touch with him hours ago. Remaps are worked upon by various professionals who collaborate with each other from across the world and Kiirus offers a range of remap services for a wide variety of cars, through its Indian operation based out of Mumbai. Click here to be transported across to Kiirus Motorsport’s website while the Facebookers may want to take a look at Kiirus’ Facebook page here.

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