2013 KTM Duke 390 spotted at Bajaj Auto’s Chakan factory?


The leaks have begun in full earnest from Bajaj Auto. This time, it seems like the Duke 390 has the production line at Bajaj Auto’s Chakan factory. Now, this is a similar story that pans out before every big motorcycle launch from Bajaj Auto, a move that whets the appetite of prospective buyers and no we aren’t complaining. The folks at PowerDrift have posted this image onto their Facebook page. By the looks of it, the motorcycle caught on camera indeed seems like the Duke 390. There are a couple of reasons why we’re saying that the motorcycle in the spyshot could indeed be the Duke 390. 

2013 KTM Duke 390 Spyshot 2013 KTM Duke 390 spotted at Bajaj Autos Chakan factory?

2013 KTM Duke 390 Spyshot

Firstly, the Duke 390 showcased at InterMot featured an orange theme for its trellis frame and alloy wheels. The spyshot indicates just that. Also, the Duke 390 sold abroad will be available with the life saving ABS safety feature. This is another feature that can be discerned from the spyshot. Notice the wiring that connects to the sensor on the rear disc brake. Meanwhile, the whole theory that the KTM Duke 390 sold in India could feature an orange coloured frame and alloy wheels makes a bunch of sense considering the fact that Bajaj Auto will need to differentiate the bigger engined Duke 390 from the Duke 200.

2013 KTM Duke 390 Front 2013 KTM Duke 390 spotted at Bajaj Autos Chakan factory?

2013 KTM Duke 390 Front

So, the Duke 200 could continue with the all black treatment for the frame and its alloy wheels while the Duke 390 could hop onto the KTM orange bandwagon in a big way. In this way, the Duke 390 gets to clearly stand out from the Duke 200 as both motorcycles are otherwise identical. Also, the ABS function will be another factor that could differentiate the Duke 390 and the Duke 200 initially. That said, Bajaj could eventually launch the India-spec Duke 200 with the ABS option after the Duke 390 establishes itself in the market.

2013 KTM Duke 390 Rear 2013 KTM Duke 390 spotted at Bajaj Autos Chakan factory?

2013 KTM Duke 390 Rear

The expectations around the Duke 390’s price center around the INR 2 lakh mark. Considering the fact that the only big change on the Duke 390 is in the engine department, such a price tag is eminently possible. As is with the case of the Duke 200, the Duke 390 will feature heavy localization to keep costs low. In view of these facts, there’s a fat chance that Bajaj Auto would once again set the cat amongst the pigeons with some really sharp pricing for the Duke 390. Indian motorcycle enthusiasts are already comparing the KTM Duke 390 with the legendary Yamaha RD350. That says it all, doesn’t it?

Spyshot source PowerDrift on Facebook

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