2014 Auto Expo: UM Global Motorcycles India Debut

The Indian two-wheeler scene is turning into a first day at college like scenario. Every bike maker wants to make an entrance and get noticed and what better way to do it than at India’s most anticipated motor show, the Delhi Auto Expo. An Autocar Professional source said that the Auto Expo will be a platform to officially showcase the UM Global Motorcycles range in India for the first time. The company based in Miami will display its sports bikes, cruisers, dual-purpose bikes and scooters ranging from 100cc to 250cc at the event.


The 2014 Renegade Sport

The American motorcycle maker will not be launching any motorcycles at the auto-expo, but will showcase its collection. There is a possibility that the bike will be launched towards the end of 2014, but it’s up for speculation. The company will most likely be revealing its plans for India at the Expo. It is not only planning to build an assembly/manufacturing plant here, but also an R&D centre.


The UM Motors cruiser range

United Motors manufactures low-cost bikes, scooters and sells them in around 20 markets including Africa, South America and Asia. The range of motorcycles include commuters such as the Razor ( a single-cylinder, 150cc), Falcon (single-cylinder, 124cc & 150cc). The company even makes cruisers and sports bikes like the Renegade Commando 225cc and the Renegade Sport (single cylinder motorcycle with multiple displacement option ranging from 150-200cc).


The UM Motors scooter range

UM global is fairly unheard of in India. The motorcycle brand was born in America and was first registered with the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office by its founders, the Villegas Family, in the early 2000’s. What’s interesting is the possibility of features that are normally seen as after-market parts becoming a part of manufacturer offered niceties.

um-motors-sport range

The UM Motors sport range

UM is also known for bringing innovative features to its affordable range of two-wheelers such as the patented Communication Awareness System Helmet (CASH), Keyless Alarm System (KAS) wherein the system recognizes the presence of the motorbike owner within 1.2 metres of the bike and then the bike can be started without using the key.

One particular feature that Indian motorcycles could really do with, is the Blind Spot Mirror system (BSM) wherein the rear-view mirrors have a built-in section on the outer corner with a blind spot mirror, allowing the rider to see the following vehicles in the blind spot area.


Their bikes come with an abundant feature list

Whether or not these features will make it to India, along with the rest of UM’s game plan for India, will be revealed at the 2014 Delhi Auto Expo.

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