2018 Auto Expo: TVS showcases all-new Zeppelin 220cc cruiser bike concept!

TVS has sprung a surprise at the 2018 Auto Expo with the Zeppelin a 220cc scrambler-esque cruiser bike concept! A hybrid concept, the bike also has a 1200W electric motor.

Designed in-house by TVS, the Zeppelin is a unique concept that could one day rival the Bajaj Avenger and Suzuki Intruder. A cruiser bike, the TVS Zeppelin is a hybrid, with a 220cc petrol engine as well as a 1200W electric motor with a 48V Li-ION battery, that collects regenerative energy. This energy can then be released when needed for added performance. It’s like Maruti’s Smart Hybrid system, but scaled down to a motorcycle, and developed in-house by TVS.


The design is reminiscent of a power cruiser with less chrome and a sporty riding position. The TVS Zeppelin should appeal to those looking for a new-age cruiser, looking to spend lots of time in the saddle. We say new-age because the TVS Zeppelin has many unique features like a Bio-Key and online connectivity, which might appeal to the new digital generation. A built in HD camera at the front is also standard, recording video, so riders needn’t mount GoPros to their helmets anymore.

Front suspension and switchgear are all borrowed from the Apache RR 310 and the rider is greeted by an analogue rev counter and a digital screen. Another key thing is the engine is belt driven and not chain, so the TVS Zeppelin will ride more silently and less chain maintenance with lubing and adjustments. Dual channel ABS and Pirelli tyres were also part of the concept.

So the TVS Zeppelin is a revolutionary new concept, bringing many new unheard of features to this segment like the hybrid powertrain and belt driven system. In comparison, its rivals like the Bajaj Avenger and the Suzuki Intruder look stone age! TVS are looking to gauge customer response before going ahead with the concept. With the launch of the Ntorq scooter and now the TVS Zeppelin concept, TVS is looking to reinvent itself. The future looks good!

Image Source: Autocar

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