Aniket Vardhan now builds a 998cc Royal Enfield Musket V-Twin engine; Serial production plans in the works

A while ago, Aniket Vardhan, an Indian industrial design teacher based out of the United States, wowed Royal Enfield enthusiasts across the globe with the original musket, a 700cc V-Twin motorcycle that used two 350cc jugs. The one off Royal Enfield Musket 700 looked like a million bucks and sounded as sweet as it looked, with a steady V-Twin thrum that emanated from the air cooled 700cc engine. Now though, Aniket has decided to take things to an all new level by coming up with a much bigger V-Twin engine, which displaces about 40% more cubic capacity than the 700cc motor.

Royal Enfield Musket 998cc V-Twin Engine

Royal Enfield Musket 998cc V-Twin Engine

The 998cc V-Twin engine that Aniket has now built uses two 499cc cast iron cylinders. While the Musket 700 used the services of an independent machinist, Aniket has now learnt machining and his efforts have plenty to show for,  given the terrific finish  that the 59 degrees-998cc V-Twin motor now features. The Musket 998cc V-Twin engine keeps the retro look of the 5 decade old engine  design true to tradition with external oil lines and a big dollop of chrome. The pre-unit construction is retained as it is, with the engine block, gearbox and clutch being housed independently.

Also, the V-Twin motor uses most of the standard Royal Enfield parts when it comes to the engine head, the cylinder and the pistons. The 4 speed gearbox replete with the neutral finder gets a right shifting gear lever with the brake to the left, another bit of detailing that signifies the retro design of this engine. The 998cc V-Twin engine is currently housed in a Royal Enfield motorcycle with a modified frame. However, Aniket Vardhan is said to be working on a brand new frame that’ll do justice to this custom made engine.

Aniket Vardhan does have plans of putting the Royal Enfield Musket 998 engine into serial production and  has designed the engine with small scale production in mind. Notably, the Musket 998 isn’t the only custom Royal Enfield motorcycle to come with a 1000cc V-Twin motor. Paul Carberry in Australia has built the Carberry 1000cc V-Twin, fashioned in the same way as Aniket Vardhan has, with two 499cc Royal Enfield cylinders. The Carberry Royal Enfield V-Twin is available for sale in Australia. In the coming months, expect USA made Musket 998cc V-Twin engines to be available for fitment on Royal Enfield motorcycles.

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