Bajaj Auto’s banking heavily on Discover 100T; Two more 100cc commuter motorcycles in the pipeline for 2013

Bajaj Auto has never been one to shy away from exploring new segments of the two wheeler space and this strategy has worked brilliantly on certain occasions while sometimes backfiring on Bajaj. Even so, Bajaj Auto keeps taking risks given the big pay offs the two wheeler maker has seen in the past. One such risk is the Discover 100T, a commuter motorcycle that aims to alter the landscape of the entry level 100cc space. The Discover 100T offers a high level of technology, style and equipment, stuff that is head and shoulders above what the competition has to offer in the 100cc commuter segment.

2013 Bajaj Discover 100T Commuter Motorcycle

2013 Bajaj Discover 100T Commuter Motorcycle

For instance, the Discover 100T comes with styling borrowed from a much more expensive motorcycle, the Discover 125 ST. The Discover 100T also gets a four valve-four stroke engine that outputs a class leading 10 Bhp and 9.2 Nm, a full DC headlamp, automatic choke, gas charged shock absorbers and  a five speed manual gearbox. All these features make the Discover 100T a class leader in the commuter motorcycle class. However, the price of the Discover 100T is also something that is higher than other 100cc commuter motorcycles.

This bold move of pricing the Discover 100T at INR 50,500 ex-showroom Delhi, which is  just INR 300 lesser than the Discover 125 DTSi means that the Bajaj Auto is betting on the higher technology of the Discover 100T to be the major selling point. However, technology isn’t something that the average commuter motorcycle can’t see, like say a disc brake or a digital instrumentation console. For its part, Bajaj Auto is confident that once the commuter motorcycle buyer rides the Discover 100T and feels the higher power and torque doing the talking, he or she will be sold on the motorcycle.

On whether this strategy works is something that the coming months will reveal. If the Bajaj Discover 100T proves to be successful,  the motorcycle maker plans to launch two more 100cc commuter motorcycle in the next six months. Bajaj Auto’s shift in focus to the 100cc motorcycle segment has to do with the fact that the Bajaj’s overall sales from the 100cc class is just 20% of total sales even as its prime competitor Hero MotoCorp has 65% of its sales coming from the commuter motorcycle segment.

Currently, Bajaj has three 100cc commuter motorcycles: the Platina 100, the Discover 100 DTSi and the Discover 100T. By the end of 2013, this number could go up to five, with two more 100cc motorcycles based on the Discover 100T platform in the pipeline. Clearly, Bajaj Auto is banking on the Discover 100T’s performance at the hustings.

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