The Honda Aviator and CBF Stunner get new paint jobs!

Honda Aviator Scooter

Honda Aviator Scooter

Both the Honda Aviator scooter and the Honda Stunner motorcycle have been dud sellers for Honda despite both these two wheelers having a few inherent strengths. So, Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India limited has just decided to give these two wheelers a minor refresh in the form of new paint jobs and graphics.

This apart, there is no other change in these vehicles that are worth a mention. The Honda Aviator is a scooter that was mainly introduced to target men. Therefore, thsi scooter was dimensionally larger than Honda’s other offerings like the Activa an the Dio.

The Honda Aviator is also the only scooter in Honda’s Indian line up to feature telescopic front forks. This critical feature endows the Aviator with much more poise and balance than Honda’s other scooters on bad roads due to better shock absorption.

Also, the Aviator is also offered with a front disc brake. These features though, have made the 110cc four stroke engined Aviator the most expensive scooter in India, perhaps a factor why the scooter never really could replicate the success of the Dio and the Activa.

Prices of the Honda Aviator have seen no reduction though with Honda pricing the scooter at Ex-showroom Delhi prices of INR 45,300 and INR 50,400 respectively. Two new colors, Berry Purple and Sunbeam White, have been introduced in addition to the existing trio of colors, Rebel Red Metallic, Pearl Igneous Black and Monsoon Grey Metallic.

Honda CBF Stunner

Honda CBF Stunner

Coming to the Honda CBF Stunner, this stylish motorcycle, which comes with a 125cc four stroke engine can be easily mistaken for a much larger capacity motorcycle due to it’s ample dimensions. A global model, the Honda CBF Stunner, with its blend of good looks and decent mileage, is targeted mainly at the youth.

However, this motorcycle too hasn’t done as well as Honda would’ve wanted it to. Now, Honda has given this motorcycle also a minor refresh in the form of a couple of new color schemes along with newer graphics. However, the new color schemes have not been carried onto the fuel injected version on the CBF Stunner, which continues to be available in the red and gold paint scheme.

The Honda CBF Stunner’s new color options are Candy Palm Green and Black, while the existing colors of Sports Red and Pearl Sports Yellow continue to be available. The Honda CBF Stunner sells for the same price as before, at INR 54,509, ex-showroom Delhi, for the self start-Disc brake version.

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