ICB Exclusive: Harley Davidson’s made-for-India motorcycle to feature a 500cc V-Twin engine

Harley Davidson India is building an all new motorcycle that will sit under its existing range of cruisers, serving as an entry level motorcycle for emerging motorcycle markets of the world. Initially, made-for-India, this motorcycle will eventually be sold in many countries across the world. The motorcycle is currently under development and will be launched sometime in 2014. The price of the motorcycle will be between INR 3-4 lakhs and the motorcycle will use parts that are sourced locally. Also, the manufacturing of this entry level Harley Davidson will happen in India. This motorcycle is expected to be showcased at the 2014 Indian Auto Expo.

Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883

2013 Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 Motorcycle used as an illustration

Meanwhile, Team ICB’s roving eye in the sky, EarthFusion, has been keeping a close eye on developments around this entry level Harley Davidson. Sources who are closely involved with this project have given us some information regarding the engine of this motorcycle. The entry level made-for-India Harley Davidson will feature a V-Twin engine that will displace about 500cc. The engine will look like a typical Harley Davidson V-Twin unit and is said to be engineered to delivered the same feel as the bigger V-Twin engines that Harley Davidson motorcycles use.

The exact styling of the motorcycle is under wraps although we’re trying to wring out more information about the styling. Harley Davidson India has been establishing dealerships and service centers across the country and the coming months will see the American cruiser motorcycle behemoth head to the smaller cities of India. The arrival of the 500cc motorcycle is expected to garner big volumes for Harley Davidson. So, the brand is bullish about establishing more dealerships across India to service the high demand.

Harley Davidson, a purveyor of lifestyle,  is also increasingly being seen promoting riding a lifestyle in India, by means of various events that are organized around its current line up of motorcycles. With the made-for-India motorcycle, Harley Davidson will be gunning for Royal Enfield, another  lifestyle motorcycle maker that has been around in India for many decades now. Royal Enfield has a solid lifestyle motorcycle division which organizes motorcycle tours across the country. So, Harley Davidson has some catching up to do in this regard. The American motorcycle maker has set the ball rolling by organizing  the Harley Davidson HOG rally, which has Harley Davidson riders from across the country congregating at Goa.

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