In South Africa, Kawasaki sells the 2013 Ninja 250R sportsbike alongside the India bound Ninja 300R

In South Africa, Japanese motorcycle maker Kawasaki is selling the Ninja 250R alongside its latest entry level sportsbike upstart, the Ninja 300R. This will pretty much be the strategy that Kawasaki adopts across many global markets given the fact that the 250cc limit exists in many developed markets for beginner motorcyclists. Also, the taxes levied sub 250cc motorcycles like the Ninja 250R are lower than those levied on higher capacity motorcycles, making the Ninja 250R an alluring proposition for first time motorcyclists cutting their teeth on sportsbikes.

2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300R Sports Motorcycle

2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300R Sports Motorcycle Front

In India though, there is no limit on the capacity/power rating on a motorcycle that a beginner motorcyclist can ride. In fact, any rider qualifying for a two wheeler license after he/she turns 18 is eligible to ride any wheeler available in the country,  from 100cc automatic scooters to even one of the fastest production motorcycle on the planet, the Suzuki Hayabusa 1300. This relaxed licensing standard means that Kawasaki will launch the Ninja 300R in India, a motorcycle that will replace the Ninja 250R in the Indian sportsbike market.

The price difference between the Ninja 250R and the Ninja 300R is quite minimal. For instance, the Ninja 300R costs R60,000 in South Africa and the Ninja 250R is available for R53,000. The price difference works out to about INR 40,000, an amount the motorcycle enthusiast in India would be quite willing to pay for the additional power, torque and engine capacity that the Ninja 300R brings to the table. Knowing Bajaj Auto and its penchant for value pricing, the INR 40,000 price difference between the South Africa spec Ninja 250R and 300R motorcycles could be even lower in India.

In India, the Ninja 250R is currently imported through CKD kits from Thailand and the same procedure is expected to continue for the Ninja 300R as well. The 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300R is expected to be launched in India over the next few months, with the Ninja 300R’s launch possibly happening even before KTM launches the Duke 390 in India. The Kawasaki Ninja 300R’s 296c liquid cooled parallel twin engine outputs 39 Bhp-27 Nm, a full 6 Bhp-5 Nm more than the 250cc Ninja’s output. In India, expect the 20913 Kawasaki Ninja 300R to be priced just below the INR 3 lakh mark. Click here to read more about the Ninja 300R and view a bunch of high quality images of this motorcycle.

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