Launched: 2011 TVS Apache 180RTR ABS at INR 78,880!

2011 TVS Apache RTR180 ABS

2011 TVS Apache RTR180 ABS

After a long wait, TVS has finally unveiled it’s homegrown ABS equipped motorcycle, the 2011 TVS Apache RTR180 ABS. In a testament to the racing, research and development driven motorcycle’s firm indigenous engineering expertise, the RTR180 ABS is the flagship offering of TVS Motors. The Anti Lock Braking System, developed in association with German component maker Continental, can be switched on and off via a switch on the TVS Apache RTR180’s instrument console.

Visually though, you’d be hard pressed to notice too many difference except the decals on the RTR180 displaying ABS signage. It would however take a trained eye to notice the subtle differences on the RTR180 ABS’s two small discs nestling o the bigger disc brake rotors on both the wheels. These smaller discs along with proximity sensors form an integral part of the ABS system, which is connected to the brain of the ABS system, the main Hydraulic and Electronic Control Unit(HECU) nestling below the carburetor.

Through the signal from the proximity sensor monitoring the wheel speed, the HECU modulates brake oil pressure by a high speed pulsing mechanism to ensure that wheels don’t lock up even under the hardest braking pressure. In other words, with the ABS on you can slam on the brakes as hard as you possibly can but still manage to not lock up the wheels. This system will be particularly useful on slick-slippery surfaces and also in pouring rain when braking on a motorcycle really gets very very tricky, not to mention life endangering.

Finally coming to the most crucial part of it all, the price. The 2011 TVS Apache RTR180 ABS will sell at INR 78,880, ex-showroom New Delhi. Now, that is something that can be called brilliant or value pricing as the ABS variant of the RTR180 costs almost INR 10,000 more than the non ABS version. But, considering the fact that the ABS is a life saving safety device, you really shouldn’t hesitate to plonk down the additional INR 10,000 as that will only be money well spent. Meanwhile, here’s a little video that demonstrates how the ABS system of the Apache RTR180 will save your skin in an emergency braking maneuver.

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