Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s latest ride is the Confederate X132 Hellcat motorcycle


Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s love for high end performance motorcycles is well known. The cricketer, who has a slew of superbikes, ranging from the Indian Yamaha RD350 to the likes of the Kawasaki Ninja ZZR1400. Amidst such motorcycles, the Confederate X132 HellCat muscle bike will be amongst the most exotic. And this is precisely what MS Dhoni has gotten himself. The X132 HellCat¬† is as exotic as exotic motorcycles get, considering that only 164 examples will be built in 2012, with the motorcycle already being sold out.

2012 Confederate X132 HellCat Motorcycle

2012 Confederate X132 HellCat Motorcycle

MS Dhoni ordered his motorcycle in April 2012 and the X132 HellCat has just been delivered to him. Dhoni is currently waiting for a registration number, and for all you know, it could be a special number to go with the exotic status of the motorcycle. Incidentally,the previous generation of the HellCat is owned by celebrities like Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Ryan Reynolds and David Beckham. So, that is one big list of big names owning this motorcycle, which is a piece of art on two wheels, especially for the sheer mechanical purity its minimalist design embodies.

2012 Confederate X132 HellCat Motorcycle

2012 Confederate X132 HellCat Motorcycle

Designed with the minimum is maximum philosophy, the X132 HellCat costs $50,000 and by the time it would have arrived into Gandhiland, the duty structure for completely built units(CBU) would mean that that price would have doubled to about 100,000 USD, which at today’s conversion rate is over 56 lakh rupees. Princely, is an understatement. But then again, India’s most successful cricket captain has earned it. Dominating the design of the HellCat X132 is a 2.2 Liter V-Twin four stroke, air cooled engine that pumps out 132 Bhp of peak power and a prodigious 203 Nm of torque.

That much earth splitting torque will be transmitted to the rear wheel by means of a five speed manual shaft driven transmission. Exotic bits abound the motorcycle, right from the aircraft grade unitized engine case made of billet aluminum to the TIG welded chassis and carbon fiber wheels. Oh, and before we miss this one, the X132 HellCat is the least priced motorcycle in Confederate’s range. There are even more expensive two wheeled exotics in the range, like the R131 Fighter and the Passion, which make for the two other offerings.

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