Mahindra Diablo 300cc & Cevalo 125cc Bikes in India: Are you listening, Bajaj auto?

mahindra diablo yellow side view

Mahindra Diablo Illustration

There have been several rumours about a new bike from Mahindra and it might be named ‘Diablo’. The name was suggested by a winning team in one of the Business Strategy Competition, sponsored by Mahindra for Business School students.

Now bike will have a liquid cooled, 4-stroke, 300cc engine which will produce around 25bhp. It rides on inverted telescopic forks and gets discs both upfront and rear.

Mahindra Cevalo SYM 125cc Motorcycle India

Mahindra Cevalo SYM 125cc Bike

The commercials for the bike have been shot at the Vallelunga race track in Rome. The advertisement runs a message towards the end sayingTested In Italy, Coming to India – Mahindra Motorcycles


Bollywood king Aamir Khan is said to be roped in as brand ambassador for Mahindra’s upcoming bike.

On the other side, there have been some reports that M&M Cevalo 125cc Bike is also expected to see a launch in India. Both these bike models are currently generating a lot of heat in the Indian Automobile market.

Image courtesy: Bikereview

M&M Diablo 300cc & Mahindra Cevalo 125cc Bikes Photo Gallery:

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