New Hero Karizma R and ZMR 2014 power specifications Released

Hero Motocorp has been making headlines consistently of late and they’re not done yet. The power specs for the newly revealed Hero Karizma R 2014 have been released. The bike now has a max power of 19.2 bhp. This comes in the wake of a video being released by Hero in promotion of the bike followed by the official announcement.


The Karizma ZMR 2014


The Karizma R 2014 has undergone a rather thorough cosmetic overhaul. The fairing on the Karizma is basically a low key version of the new ZMR fairing. Other changes to the fairing include mounted ORVMs, “R Premium Sports” decals and a twin headlamp arrangement. Similarities with precious versions include- the suspension and wheels, fuel tank and a drum brake in the rear.


The 2014 Karizma R


The Karizma ZMR on the other hand will have a max power of 20 bhp and capable of producing peak torque of [email protected] RPM. Hero has us believe that the bike is imbued with ‘raw power’, but we know better than to take the PR team’s word for it. The TVC also claims that the bike can go from 0 to 60 kmph in 3.6 seconds. What’s worth a mention here is the fact that ZMR is used to receiving plaudits for its performance in the low and mid range. It seems that the facelift builds upon the strengths that the bike is already known for.


View of the ZMR’s fuel tank


The most exciting development in the Hero stable has been that of its collaboration with American racing bike manufacturer Eric Buell Racing. The new Karizma R and ZMR have been inspired by Eric Buell Racing’s landmark EBR 1190. The news is that the American company had a substantial role to play in the design of the high end bikes coming out of the Hero stable. However, with the bike having such a premier heritage, it was expected that they would at least have a power spec of 24 bhp and take the fight right up to the Duke 200 and the ZMR’s arch nemesis- the Pulsar 220. This is not the case and performance buffs are sure to be left feeling a bit left down with the underwhelming specs of the new bikes.


The ZMR and Karizma R


Though the Karizma R and ZMR compete with Bajaj’s Pulsar line, the bikes are quite in contrast to each other. Bajaj has always put out naked or semi-faired bikes which use carburettors. On the other hand, the ZMR is a fully faired vehicle which uses fuel injection technology. For a long period now, Pulsars have been the ruling dynasty in the Indian bike scenario. The bike has a devout following and they are only going to multiply in numbers with the 180 NS ready to come out of the works.


The dual headlights on the Karizma R


It is being heard that Hero and Eric Buell Racing are working hard on a 250 cc bike which they plan on unveiling at Auto Expo 2014. Let’s hope that future releases pack in a stronger punch than the company’s recent releases.

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