Official: The 2011 Bajaj-KTM Duke 200 is on!

2011 Bajaj-KTM Duke 200

2011 Bajaj-KTM Duke 200

Days ago, our friends at OverDrive managed to lay their hands on spy shots of the Bajaj-KTM Dukes being tested somewhere around Pune. What wasn’t yet clear about the KTMs was the engine displacement as the export version of the KTM Duke features a 125cc, 15Bhp four stroke engine. While such a small engine in a premium motorcycle expected to cost over a Lakh was a sure fire sign of a bummer at the hustings, we weren’t yet sure of Bajaj giving the KTM Duke a 200cc engine, to bring it in line with the price at which it would be offered to Indian customers. Well, all that now is history as Rajiv Bajaj, talking to BSMotoring, has clearly indicated that the KTM Duke will feature a 200cc engine that will be a class leader when it comes to engine technology.

In other words, expect liquid cooling, four valves and DOHC at the barest minimum producing above 20 Bhp. Along with all that jazz, the technology surrounding the 2011 KTM 200, which includes the suspension and the works, are also expected to be top of the line items, which will justify the steep price at which the KTM 200 will be positioned at. For starters, the 2011 KTM 200 will cost almost double that of the existing crop of Pulsars, which in other words means a figure between INR 1.2 to INR 1.5 Lakh. That is pretty steep for a 200cc motorcycle, but we guess that is the price you have to pay for a motorcycle that shows all signs of being truly a segment leader in performance and styling.

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