Pulsar 400cc Bike – 400 CS Video & Photos

Pulsar 400 CS Lights

Pulsar 400 CS Lights

A big shout-out to our ICB team over at the Delhi auto expo for doing such an amazing job. We have for our readers more pictures of the all new Pulsar400 Cruising Sport. Dubbed the CS400, the Bajaj 400cc bike was on display with another 400cc Pulsar called the Pulsar SS400. While the SS400 features full fairing, the CS 400 is a street fighter.

We have here more images of the new Pulsar CS 400.

Pulsar 400cc Cruiser Sports

New Pulsar Cruiser Sports

The CS 400 borrows quite a few design cues from the 200NS, Bajaj’s other street fighter available on sale. The front end has been redesigned in keeping with the beefier look that the Cs 400 sports. A larger wind-shield adorns the beaitfully styled multi-segmented headlight. The headlights feature what look like fang shaped auxiliary lights that add to its street fighter persona.

Instrument Cluster:

Pulsar 400 Display

Bajaj Pulsar 400 CS Dual Display

The 400 CS has a unique display system that is reminiscent of the older Bajaj Avenger. The display consists of two screens, one of the displays is mounted on the handle bars while the other is mounted directly onto the fuel tank. The primary unit displays the RPM gauge, fuel gauge, current time and what looks to be a odometer and tripmeter.

The secondary display gives the speed read out and the gear the bike is currently in. A helpful reminder for the forgetful few.

Rear View:

Pulsar 400cc Red Bike

Pulsar 400cc Red Bike

Bajaj has simply nailed it with the design of the new bike. From the stubby exhaust to the redesigned rear end, the CS 400 is one brutish bike that will surely turn heads wherever it goes.

Front View:

Bajaj Pulsar CS400 2014

New Bajaj Pulsar 400CS

The new CS400 is a looker from all angles and is sure to be an instant hit from the day of its launch. We have here for our readers a video below giving you a full 360 degree view of the bike. Enjoy.

Pulsar CS400/400cc Cruiser Sports Video: Auto Expo 2014 Delhi



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