Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 gets all new features from the 500cc model; Priced at INR 1.43 lakhs on road Mumbai

A couple of days ago, Team ICB went out on a wing and brought you a story about the possibility of Royal Enfield launching the Thunderbird 350, with all the new features from the 500cc model. Well, the proof of the pudding is in its eating. Moments ago, Royal Enfield confirmed this development by launching the all new Thunderbird 350, which gets all the new features of the 500cc model, albeit at a much lower price tag of INR 1.43 lakhs, on road Mumbai. By making this move, Royal Enfield has expanded the Thunderbird’s range of new features to suit the budgets of a wider range of buyers.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 UCE

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 UCE used as an illustration: The 350cc model will look very similar to the 500cc but with a smaller 350cc engine.

The new Thunderbird 350, as its name suggests will feature the smaller UCE engine displacing 346cc. This engine produces 20 Bhp and 28 Nm. Like its bigger sibling, the 350cc engine also features hydraulic tappets, an electric starter and a five speed manual gearbox. However, the motor uses a carburetor instead of fuel injection, thereby allowing Royal Enfield to price it much more competitively. Due to the engine being much smaller than the “torque bomb 500” motor, fuel efficiency is also expected to be much higher than the 500cc model.

The trade off, obviously is that the Thunderbird 350 will be slower than the 500cc model in terms of acceleration and top speed. That said, the Thunderbird 350 is primarily aimed at folks wanting higher fuel efficiency and there seem to be a lot of them lately given the stratospheric rise of petrol prices. Bookings for both the new Thunderbird 350 as well as the 500 models are now open at Royal Enfield dealerships across the country. Early birds stand to get quick deliveries. Also, Royal Enfield has suspended bookings of the old Thunderbird TwinSpark.

This also means that the left over stock of the  Thunderbird TwinSpark can be bought for chunky discounts/no waiting periods. So,deal hunters, we’ve just tipped you off. This will appeal to people who want to use the Thunderbird 350 mainly for city rides given that the new features of the motorcycle are tilted towards the touring segment. Also, the engine of the new Thunderbird 350 remains unchanged from the TwinSpark model, which means that the older Thunderbirds that haven’t yet been sold will still be a decent buy.

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