Rumor: Honda CBR400R in the works for India; Potential 2013 KTM Duke 390 rival?


Days ago, Japanese motorcycle giant Honda unveiled a downsized version of its 470cc twin cylinder engine that’s used on its CBR500 range of motorcycles, that come in three body styles. The downsized version of the engine, displacing 400cc, is virtually a carbon copy of the 470cc motor when it comes to the components shared and size. The only major differences being the shorter 56.6 mm stroke(bore retains the 67 mm size) and lower power-torque outputs. The 400cc motor also uses the same 6 speed gearbox, albeit with different gear ratios. While we knew that the new 400cc twin cylinder engine would power the JDM Honda CBR400R (Click here to read our detailed report), our friends at Overdrive report that the Honda CBR400R could be headed towards Indian shores.

2013 Honda CBR500R Sports Motorcycle

2013 Honda CBR500R Sports Motorcycle used as an illustration

Given that the KTM Duke 390 is due in the next few months, Honda’s decision to launch a 400cc Honda CBR400R in India makes a bunch of sense. Such a motorcycle would be an ideal upgrade for folks currently riding the Honda CBR250R in India, more so since Honda’s engine designers have stated that the 400cc Twin-Cylinder motor’s power and torque output would be as linear as the CBR250R, suiting both beginners as well as enthusiasts.

It remains to be seen whether the 400cc motor would power all three body styles that Honda showcased at EICMA 2012, in the form of the sportsbike, tourer and street fighter versions. The 2014 Honda CBR400R is expected to have a power output of about 40 Bhp while a 35 Nm peak torque sounds right in the ball park. Given that Honda’s betting big on the C-ABS technology, expect the CBR400R to also feature this life saving safety feature, just like how the Honda CBR250R and CBR500R models do.

2013 Honda CBR500R Sports Motorcycle

2013 Honda CBR500R Sports Motorcycle used as an illustration

If Honda does go ahead and launch the CBR400R in India, it’ll be interesting to see whether the motorcycle will be manufactured from grounds up in the country. Given that the CBR250R, which also features a high-tech engine is being successfully built in India, building the CBR400R shouldn’t be too much of a complication. The other route of course is CKD assembly.

If the Honda CBR400R gets built in India, the motorcycle could be priced at about 3 lakhs, a price that’ll allow the CBR400R to have a fair shot at the KTM Duke 390, which incidentally is expected to be priced near about the INR 2 lakh mark. All said, we’re yet to hear official word from Honda India. So, until then, this bit of buzz will remain firmly in the realm of the rumorosphere. Watch this space.

Source Overdrive

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