Speculation: 2011 Yamaha Scorpio Z-225 = 2011 Yamaha FZ225?

Yamaha Scorpio Z-225

Yamaha Scorpio Z-225

Recently, Yamaha Indonesia pulled the wraps off the facelifted 2011 Yamaha Scorpio Z-225, an air cooled 223cc motorcycle. Even as motorcycle manufacturers like Honda, Mahindra and Bajaj are set to usher in the 250cc+ motorcycles, space for cheaper motorcycles like the Karizma ZMA-R still continues to exist as the premium motorcycles still form a smallish pie in the still rapidly growing motorcycle market.

So, Yamaha India plonking the 225cc heart of the Scorpio Z-225 into the FZ16 makes so much more sense as the FZ16 has been a very sweet handling machine that could definitely do with more shove in the poke department. The performance figures of 18 Bhp at 8000 rpm and 17.5 Nm at 6500 rpm seem right in the Hero Honda Karizma ZMA-R territory. For that kind of power and torque, the fuel efficiency also should be hovering in the mid 30s to early 40s.

Now, that’s what can be a perfect city hustler that won’t require your backbone bending acrobatics all the time. Will the FZ16 get transformed into a torquey  225cc monster that can finally be able to make full use of the brilliant Yamaha chassis? That, someone only Yamaha India can tell.

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