This is how the KTM Duke 200 kitted out with the Kiirus free flow exhaust sounds like

Days ago, we brought you buzz about Indian ECU tuning firm Kiirus coming up with a hop up pack for the Duke 200. The hop up pack, which includes a Kiirus ECU tune up, a free flow BMC air filter and a performance free flow exhaust costs INR 30,000. While the current free flow exhaust looks like a certain Mr Fred Flintstone put it together, the folks at Kiirus say that a new version that looks much better than this one is in the works, and thankfully so. The folks at Kiirus even go on to add that a free flow exhaust with a  carbon fiber end can is in the works. For now though, here’s how the Flintstones version of the free flow exhaust sounds like.

KTM Duke 200 with Kiirus Free Flow Exhaust

KTM Duke 200 with Kiirus Free Flow Exhaust

Given that the KTM Duke 200 Kiirus ECU remap has a top speed in excess of 140 Kph, the performance exhaust will make revving the Duke up an even sweeter experience considering how restricted stock exhaust systems are these days. While most stock exhausts on modern day motorcycles come with a catalytic converter, a part in the exhaust that cuts down tail pipe emissions, free flow exhausts dispense with the catalytic converter. This usually results in lesser back pressure and lesser weight. So, free flow exhausts, in addition to the performance gain, also reduce the weight of the motorcycle by a couple of kilograms.

However, it must be noted that the ECU needs to be tuned to richen the mixture as a free flow exhaust usually results in the mixture leaning out. This could be detrimental to the exhaust valve, which is in the direct path of the hot exhaust gases. So, a remapped ECU is the best bet if you plan to get yourself a freeflow exhaust given the fact that the remapped ECUs can be mapped to deliver a richer mixture so that the free flow exhaust works optimally. Apart from the Kiirus remap, the KTM Duke 200 will get a standalone performance ECU from RaceDynamics in the coming weeks.

Also, RaceConcepts, a motorcycle tuning firm run by Joel Joseph of Bangalore, is said to be putting the final touches on its own free flow exhaust for the Duke 200. Apart from the performance exhaust,  RaceConcepts is also expected to offer a multi angle valve job to clean up the ports of the KTM Duke 200. In other words, the after market performance parts scene for the KTM Duke 200 is getting hotter with time. We can only imagine what the scene would be like for the next big thing for India from KTM, the Duke 390.

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