Bike For A Gentleman: Honda Unicorn Anybody?

Honda Unicorn All Black

Honda Unicorn All Black

Here is a reader of IndianCarsBikes who is having a hard time choosing the most gentlemanly 150cc motorcycle around.

Here is what he wrote in.


I want to have a 150 cc bike, and my dilemma is:-

  1. I don’t like pulsars because they are like street dogs every where. and i think it does not have much life ( both body + engine).
  2. I’m a fan of CBZ but CBZ extreme doesn’t not have that gentleman looks.
  3. TVS is not in my list.

And running will be mainly in hilly & rusty roads. kindly help me out.

And is there any plans of Hero Honda to re-launch CBZ Model or new 150 CC Bike.

Praveen Thakur
Sundernagar (Himachal Pradesh)

And, here’s what we think Praveen Thakur should consider riding.

Dear Mr Thakur,

You have two options. The Honda Unicorn and the Suzuki GS150R. Both these motorcycles are brilliant 150cc commuters but the Honda scores over the Suzuki when it comes to sales and service. Not that Suzuki’s after sales is bad, but they simply don’t have the market penetration and hence the number of service outlets when compared to those of Honda.

Hence, I suggest the Honda Unicorn for you as you happen to live in a small town and also as you ride on predominantly rural and twisty roads. The Unicorn has bomb proof reliability and a proven service record in India. While you might find it a little staid compared to the competition, do consider the all black version of the Honda Unicorn that looks particularly classy or as you might choose to call it, gentlemanly.

All said, Yamaha will launch a 150cc commuter motorcycle called the SZ150 shortly but at this moment, we have no clue as to how good the motorcycle is, especially in comparison to the tried and tested Honda Unicorn.

Do let us know what you end up riding. Also, we aren’t suggesting the Yamaha FZ16, as that is more of a premium offering and hence much more expensive than the current crop of 150cc motorcycles in India.


Team ICB

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