Yamaha FZ Electric 40 BHP by Tork Motorcycle


All of us who drive or ride or both, have at some point of time in our life, been a part of signal to signal drags. As soon as the light goes green, the racer boy antic in us oozes out. It is then that we wish we could do with some more power or some more response from our dear machines. Take your regular Yamaha FZ for example. The FZ is full of life when it comes to handling in the city. The FZs seating position, dimensions, tyres, brakes, all sum up to make it a fun city ride. The FZ responds quite well to throttle inputs. It is quite a torque machine. But at those signal light races, sometimes you might’ve just wished it would be ballistic with some slightly better numbers. Now imagine the same FZ (same colour even, if you wish), with an insane 40 BHP of power and even more insane 61.1 Nm of torque! Those numbers are electric to say the least! Wait, I am actually talking about an electric FZ, a battery-powered one.

tork 1 Yamaha FZ Electric 40 BHP by Tork Motorcycle

Tork FZ

Introducing you to Tork Motorcycle’s Electric Yamaha FZ. Electric vehicles, as we know them, come with the notorious tag of being slow. They have limited range which means, you can only cover a few tens of kilometers on your favorite express way before you are forced to stop for some juice. And hell! To recharge them takes at least two to three sweeps of the minute hand on your watch! While the bike in scrutiny now doesn’t do away all the nuances electric vehicles are associated with, the Tork FZ is far from slow. In fact it is so fast, it would take an imbecile to call this FZ slow. This FZ can do 0-100 in almost half the time that the normal FZ would take. And Tork Motorcycles claim a top speed of about 120 Kmph. Stupendous for an electric bike.

tork speedo Yamaha FZ Electric 40 BHP by Tork Motorcycle

Digital Display with all the Information an electric bike would need


From the pictures, you could be wondering something missing from the bike. Don’t scratch your head too much, the Tork FZ has got no exhaust. Why does it need one? And the big black box is what conceals the battery. And under it, the electric motor is fitted to the FZ just as the regular petrol engine was mounted. Neat, I must say. The fuel tank of FZ now hides all the electric paraphernalia instead of regular fuel.

tork 2 Yamaha FZ Electric 40 BHP by Tork Motorcycle

Look Ma, No Exhaust!

Swing your leg over, slot in the key and turn to ignition, thumb the starter…and wait…Voila! No noise! Yes, of course! It is not your old IC engine. It is an electric motor, remember. The bike is completely silent at idle. Twist the throttle and you are greeted with all that 61.1 Nm torque instantly. And still no noise. The bike climbs steadily for some time after which it almost goes bonkers till the 100 kmph mark. At this speed, all that your ears can listen to, is the wind noise. Ride sedately and the bike can take you 80 km but if you are in the mood for some fun, make your ride shorter than 40 km! A full charge of the battery takes about 4 hours.

tork bat Yamaha FZ Electric 40 BHP by Tork Motorcycle

Concealed Battery


Tork Motorcycles founded by Kapil Shelke is a Pune based company which is makes race worthy electric bikes. Their bikes have proved their mettle in various international events including the prestigious isle of man TT (Open Class Category 2009 TTXGP). Now Kapil Shelke is determined to offer such electric performance to the home crowd and hence developed this FZ prototype. To convert your FZ to an electric one, you need to shell about Rs. 3.8 lakhs until the Government of India decides to subsidize this novel idea!

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