Yamaha India plans to resurrect the legendary Yamaha RX100 as a piddly 100cc four stroke commuter

Yamaha RX100

Yamaha RX100

If Yamaha India’s plans are anything to go by, the iconic Yamaha RX100 could just get a new lease of life, this time with a four stroke 100cc engine. While we cherish great memories of the two stroke Yamaha RX100, a performance motorcycle which we grew up lusting over, Yamaha India plans to relaunch the legendary RX100 as a commuter motorcycle with a 100cc four stroke engine. This has us, the motorcycle enthusiasts and many of our ilk, feeling more than a little deflated as we feel that the RX moniker will feel totally out of place on a commuter motorcycle.

That said, we can’t do much apart from signaling our disapproval as Yamaha India wants to resurrect the RX100 into a commuter motorcycle with them planning to retain much of the RX100s original design. That said, the very dated looking original design won’t appeal to most of the Indian motorcycle buying populace, except for the enthusiasts still hung up over the original RX100. But then, with a piddly 100cc four stroke engine, even the enthusiasts would be totally put off.

Meanwhile, Yamaha sells the Yamaha RX100 in its two stroke iteration in many parts of backward Africa where the concept of up-to-date emission norms are a far cry from the developed world.

What we’d like is a direct injection, two stroke screamer of a RX100 version. Are you listening Yamaha?

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