Yamaha India updates 2013 FZ-S 150cc motorcycle with four new colours

The 2013 Yamaha FZ-S is the top selling motorcycle in the Japanese motorcycle maker’s range in India. So, Yamaha constantly updates the FZ to keep the motorcycle fresh. The latest such update from Yamaha involves a new paint job for the 2013 line of the FZ-S motorcycles. Yamaha has introduced four new colours for the 2013 FZ-S. The four colours give the FZ-S a dose of freshness but it has to be said that these cosmetics are getting kind of long in the tooth now considering the fact that the FZ-S has been around for over four years now, with the most changes on the motorcycle consisting of cosmetic ones.

2013 Yamaha FZ-S Motorcycle in Raging Red

2013 Yamaha FZ-S Motorcycle in Raging Red

Last year, in a mild facelift of sorts. Yamaha did endow the FZ-S with a kick start lever, a new rear fender, an improved seat and better grab handles. These changes apart, the Yamaha FZ-S has been pretty much unchanged. While a complete revamp of the motorcycle seems to be a while away, here are the four new colours you can order the 2013 FZ-S in: Fearless Black, Glory Gold, Raging Red and Tempest Blue. Yamaha’s paint jobs are the gold standard in the Indian two wheeler industry, what with an excellent finish. The new colours continue in that vein and the FZ-S looks quite fetching in the new colour schemes.

The motorcycle is powered by a 153cc four stroke engine that outputs a peak power of 13.6 Bhp while peak torque is rated at 13.2 Nm. The engine’s low end torque is a strong point and the mid ship exhaust muffler is a big reason for the FZ-S’ good low end response. At the higher revs though, the engine seems to lose steam. So, the Yamaha FZ-S is more suited for lower speeds, speeds at which the motorcycle can be kept in its torque band. The FZ-S’ other big strength is its excellent ride and handling. Yamaha has outfitted the FZ-S with meaty front forks, a monoshock rear and grippy tyres.

As a package, the wheels and suspension come together to make the FZ-S one of the best handlers in the 150cc motorcycle category in India. In fact, the 140 section rear tyre of the FZ-S is the widest in its class. While it does a lot to convey the muscular looks of the motorcycle, it also puts a drag on the fuel economy of the FZ. Despite a lower fuel economy that its competition, the Yamaha FZ-S’ muscular styling and great handling has meant that the motorcycle is a very strong seller in the 150cc sports commuter segment in India. The Yamaha FZ-S is priced at INR 71,280 ex-showroom Delhi.

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