Play the MotoGP 2017 console game and get a chance to win a BMW!

Get a chance to win a BMW M240i by being the fastest on the MotoGP 2017 console game.

If you are fast on the virtual track and know your way about a gaming console then you should try out the MotoGP 2017 console game. Released on PS4, the official MotoGP’17 game is now tied up with the 2017 season through the eSports Championship.

eSports Championship helps the hard core fans and gamers be a batter part of the 2017 MotoGP season through the MotoGP console game. There will be a serious of seven challenges on the console game throughout the MotoGP season and presumably there will be a rankings system. The top sixteen racers from the rankings will then be invited over to Valencia for the season finale of the MotoGP World Championship. There will be more challenges waiting for these elite sixteen and the winner among them will be able to take home the BMW M240i.

The MotoGP eSport Championship will provide a direct link to real life racing with seven online events in a time trial format. Live streaming of the event will also be done by the MotoGP organisers Dorna Sports and this will help in making the two wheeled motorsport more accessible to fans and improving ratings. F1 newest boss Liberty Media should take a leaf out of this book and do something on the same lines with the F1 2017 game.

“Moving into the eSports scene is taking MotoGP into a new era. It’s a unique way to engage our established gaming audience and also a clear sign to the wider gaming community that MotoGP™ is not only one of the top motorsports properties in real life, but also one of the most exciting digital experiences a console game can deliver.” Dorna Sports Commercial Area Managing Director Pau Serracanta

Now you must be wondering why a car is being offered as the prize on a superbike racing game! Well BMW are partners in MotoGP and the pace car for the series is a BMW M2 that’s been on the Atkins diet. The Bavarians aren’t that generous by offering an inferior M240i but with a few tweaks it can be as fast as an M2, starting with a limited slip differential.

Kawasaki Ninja H2 front three quarter

Now if you still want a superbike, you can always sell the car which retails for about 45,000 dollars and get a Kawasaki Ninja H2 or whatever two wheeled bike that fits your fancy!


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