Entry-level compact SUV Jeep Renegade spied testing in India

After the launch of the Compass, the Jeep Renegade is next on the charts and the compact SUV has been spied testing in India.

Jeep has big plans for India and looks to dominate the SUV segment with its range of cars. The first step in this direction was the launch of the Jeep Compass, a mid-segment SUV priced very smartly. Next is the turn of the entry-level model the Jeep Renegade, which should help rake in the numbers as there is a lot of volume of buyers in this segment.

Jeep won’t waste much time in bringing the Renegade to India and the model has been photographed numerous times in camouflaged guise. The latest images don’t reveal anything new other than what we already know of the car. Design of the Jeep Renegade is more utilitarian than premium with the retro round headlamps at the front and the Jeep family grille.

Rear of the car also follows the same theme with boxy tail lamps. There aren’t much in terms of curves along the sides as the design looks to be functional than form. But there is a certain charm that makes one like the Renegade with its simplistic design, in tune with the retro theme that seems to have many takers now.

The Jeep Renegade gets an electronic parking brake. 

Interiors though aren’t spartan in any way and look to have quality lasting plastics and a touchscreen for all multimedia duties. The dials have a chrome housing which stands out from the all-black dashboard. There is also a bit of matte finished silver plastic action around the air vents, door handles, speakers, and the console around the gearbox.

The gear knob is also silver and nicely rounded which should right into the palm while shifting. Three-spoke steering was also leather wrapped and looks sporty with Jeep prominently in the middle.

Jeep Renegade will lock horns with the Hyundai Creta and Renault Duster in the SUV segment. 

Jeep should launch the Renegade with the 1.6 DDiS diesel mill and later introduce a petrol engine. There should a top-of-the line variant with four wheel drive as well to be on equal grounds with the competition that is the Renault Duster AWD Adventure variant. The Duster should be the Renegade’s primary rival in this segment as both share the same characteristics of form over function and rough-roader.

The fourth model in Jeep’s lineup, the Renegade should be another winner for the company if priced smartly like the Compass.

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