A faster Ferrari 488 spied; might have battery power too

Ferrari seems to be in the news this week, and not for good reasons that the people at Maranello will be pleased. The first was the crash of a 458 Speciale after a Mercedes Benz parked itself on the fender. And now a concept that is supposed to be kept away from all prying eyes might have been fallen prey to Marchettino a popular YouTube blogger.


This is the second concept spied after the LaFerrari Aperta was spotted outside the gates of Maranello. The concept spotted here looks to be hiding many things under the body of a 458 Speciale. The wheels on the car are also the gold coloured ones from the 458 Speciale.

In the video, there is a piece paper giving the model number of the car as “F142M M3”. F142M is the internal code for the Ferrari 488, and we don’t know what M3 stands for. It might be a more faster sharper version of the standard car and rumored to have battery assistance too.


From the engine sound, it appears the twin turbo V8 is still doing duty on the car. From the front there looks to be extra air intakes that are covered on the test car though. In the video below, the car is said to have KERS or Kinetic Energy Recovery System, where energy otherwise lost during braking is recovered and added to the braking system.

The Ferrari 488 is a relatively new car and it’s not yet time for a faster version of the car. 458 had a premature retirement mainly because of the threat from Mclaren and Porsche as their cars are starting to be faster than the Ferrari’s. With the Ferrari 488, the Italians have sort of played catch up with Mclaren’s 650S and 675 LT.


A souped up Ferrari 488 with a some extra electric juice courtesy of a battery pack and KERS should increase performance. Larger turbos should put out more power and the electric power should take care of the turbo lag.

All this might put Ferrari back on top, and the others playing catch up again. It’s time hypercar technology started seeping through to the other cars in the lineup, and some of LaFerrari’s tech will debut too.

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