Next Gen 2018 Renault Duster interiors are a huge improvement!

Here is a sneak peek into the 2018 Renault Duster’s interiors after official images of the SUV were released. There are major upgrades making things more premium.


Official images of the next generation Renault Duster broke cover few days ago, but no details haven’t been yet revealed of the interiors. The exterior of the 2018 Renault Duster revealed changes to the front and rear of the car and the interiors also received suitable changes as well.

The main change inside that people will notice first will be the new four spoke steering wheel that has a sporty touch now, more in tune with the design of the car. Plastic quality looks to have improved as well with a metal strip running long at the passenger side. There are also extra air con vents now with three on top of the centre console and one each for the driver and passenger. Seats are also nice and contoured and should offer more support.

Other bits that should induce some premiumness are the chrome surrounds around the air con knobs. There will also be some colour inserts in the cabin to brighten things up and break the monotony of the dark interior plastics. The spy shots show orange inserts, but you will be able to customise them in colours of your choice.

There is an extra head rest for the third passenger that can be adjusted to suit the height. This is a nice touch as the head rest can be folded away to prevent any obstruction to rear visibility. Gear lever also has some tweaks and will fit right into the palm of the hand, making it feel good while shifting gears. There is also an extra dial in front of the gear knob which might be for the all wheel drive version, giving extra options when driving in the rough.

2017 renault duster india images

The new Duster looks modern and stylish now and the same characteristics have been carried to the interiors as well. This should make the SUV a very appealing option in this segment.

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