New Yamaha Nozza Grande Scooter Spied Testing Launch Soon!

Yamaha is planning to add another scooter to its lineup in India and the Nozza Grande will share space with the other scooters from the Japanese manufacturer.

Scooters are the booming segment in India with record sales all round. Yamaha has two models that are enjoying not that great sales though. The Yamaha Fascino was 7th overall in the sales chart for May this year with only 17,243 units sold. Yamaha’s more youthful sporty Ray had a poorer showing at 9th with only 15,032 scooters moved.

The segment leader Honda Activa is in a league of its own 2,82,478 units. Aiming for such monthly units is a tall task for Yamaha, but a reasonable target of 30,000 units would be a great result for the company. So Yamaha introducing a new model is a good step in this direction.

Scooter in question is the Yamaha Nozza Grande. A more premium scooter from Yamaha, the Nozza Grande will be priced higher than the current lineup offered by the company. The looks of the scooter are more elegant and European and less curvier than the Fascino, another offering down the same design line. Instrument consoles are a mix of analogue and digital as well matching with the scooter further.

Front design of the Nozza Grande is more premium here with the indicators neatly integrated to the body. There is a long strip running down the front, matching the one on the shroud around the indicators as well. Rear view mirrors are body coloured as well matching the scooter further.

Rear of the scooter is dominated by the brake light with the indicators beside with a low placed grab handle for the rear passenger. Powering the scooter will either be a 113 cc, single-cylinder engine borrowed from the Fascino and Ray developing figures of 7 bhp and 8.1 Nm of torque. If Yamaha could introduce a the Nozza Grande with a more powerful 125 cc engine that should make performance more sprightly on par with the Vespas.

With the launch of the Yamaha Nozza Grande, the company should have another crack at the competitive scooter segment. Hope Yamaha will great sales numbers with this one!

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