Scoop! Chevrolet Essentia compact sedan spied testing

Chevrolet Essentia compact sedan spied testing on roads, launching soon!


We might have another competitor in the crowded world of compact sedans with the Chevrolet Essentia. The Beat with a boot was spied testing on the roads by a member of the ICB family.

Set to be launched after the 2017 version of the Chevrolet Beat is first introduced, the Essentia is basically the hatchback with a boot, coming under 4 metres thus qualifying for the tax cut. Compact sedans and SUVs are the segments with large numbers of units sold every month, so with Chevrolet desperately trying to increase sales numbers, launching a compact sedan based on a popular hatchback is a good idea. There are lots of takers for the Chevrolet Beat with many liking the youthful and sharp styling.


Chevrolet Essentia is a Beat that offers the convenience of a larger boot. Latest generation of the Beat doesn’t have the sharp lines seen on the previous car and is going for a more muscular and dominant front end. But since the Essentia is all about the rear of the car, let’s talk about the hind side.

The boot doesn’t look like an afterthought addition and the integration is neat and clean. Designers have added a line running from the rear doors culminating at the rear lights making the rear stand out. The rear lights are also elongated ones to offset the tallness of the rear. There is also a small integrated boot spoiler and also a chrome lipped boot lid for a bit of premiumness. It also helps to break the monotony at the rear.

Powering the Essentia will most likely be powered by the same engines on the Beat. The 1.2 petrol unit and the 1.0 litre diesel power plant will be the two options to choose from. There will also be an automatic option and top end variants will get a touch screen entertainment system as well as that is the norm now in the segment.

There were rumours of Chevrloet shutting shop in India, but with the test mule of the Essentia compact sedan spied, there might be a new lease of life for GM in India.

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