Tata Kite Sedan Spied All Around – Exclusive ICB Spy Shots

Tata Kite prototypes had taken a sabbatical from the online auto communities, but now its back, courtesy of an ardent ICB reader, Raju Easwaran. This is the first time Tata Kite sedan, which was already a rare mule to spot and snap, has revealed its side and rear profiles

Tata Kite sedan spy shots headlamps

Tata Kite compact sedan could be called Tata Boom.

The front fascia of Tata Kite sedan is obviously a mirrored version of its hatchback version, but the story gradually takes a turn as the side and rear facades are approached. First you may notice is the Y-in-V alloy wheels complimenting the compactness of the affordable sedan. The boot section doesn’t look pasted to the hatchback at the last minute. Even under heavy camouflage the luggage compartment seems streamlined to the overall design of Tata Kite.

Tata Kite sedan spy shots tail lamps

Tata Kite compact sedan could be called Tata Boom.

The rear three quarter view of Tata Kite sedan gives away the smoothly arching roofline culminating with a sport-back like C-pillar. This makes us wonder if the boot-lid would open up along with the glass (like in Skoda Octavia or Superb) for maximum access to the cargo space.

Tata Kite sedan spy shots rear bumper

The entry-level sub-4 metre sedan waiting to launch towards the end of this year, seems to have no design resemblance to the Zest.

While the headlamps and Outside Rear View Mirrors (ORVM) give a hint of their final production designs, the tail lamp cluster is clearly a makeshift arrangement. And the cavity for the rear lamps indicate that a swept back design for the latter may not be possible in Tata Kite sedan.

Tata Kite sedan spy shots alloy wheels

Taking a peek at Tata Kite’s dashboard through the front windows, it is clear that its design is no where similar to Indica’s or Zest’s.


Tata Kite sedan spy shots side

Despite the somewhat steeply sloping roofline at the rear, the silhouette of the person sitting on the rear seat suggests there is enough headroom.


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Tata Kite Sedan Spy Shots:

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