2013 Vespa VX125 variant previewed with new features



Vespa became a household name in India with tie ups with Bajaj and LML. Both these collaborations resulted in Vespa selling many scooters in India but eventually, geared scooters gave way to motorcycles. Vespa has now made a comeback for the third time into India. During this comeback, Vespa is yet to convert all the attention the LX125 model gets into actual sales due to high pricing of the product. Price revisions also have not helped matters.

2013 Vespa VX125

2013 Vespa VX125

Now, Piaggio is launching VX varient of Vespa which will feature new brighter colors and few more mechanical additions to scooter. Piaggio India just unveiled this new variant Vespa VX. New features of Vespa VX are:

  • Updated instrument cluster
  • Pink and blue color (International spec colour)
  • MRF zapper tubeless tires as standards
  • Beige colour seat as optional with black colour
  • 200mm front disc brake
  • Longer grab rail for pillion


With all these upgrades to VX variant,  black and maroon colors are discontinued. Piaggio India is yet to announce pricing of this new variant. All these upgrade will come with added price-tag and that is going to be revealed on the 20th June. The company is expected to sell VX125 and LX125 scooters together, with the Vespa VX125 sold as a top end model. Monocoque full steel body construction – Single piece steel body construction, is unique only to the Vespa. Since 1946 this has been a signature feature of the Vespa.

This gives great strength and rigidity to the vehicle and improves safety significantly. Vespa 125cc engine produces 10.06 bhp with 10.8Nm of torque and is mated to CVT transmission that transfer power of engine to the rear wheel. With recent launch of Activa-i scooter by Honda, the scooter segment is already captured by Honda with its vehicles, Activa, Activa-i, Dio, Aviator that ranges from Rs. 44200 to Rs 55574. Vespa LX 125 is currently priced at Rs 59,996 (all prices ex-showroom Delhi). The VX125 could be priced a few thousand rupees higher.

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1 Comment

  1. murlidhar

    June 18, 2013 at 7:16 pm

    honestly even with such a high price i find the scooter well in numbers in the city i live in. it may not sell like hotcakes but it was never meant to sell like one.
    a rock solid engine with good strong body and good looks is all her usp. its pricey cuz it isn’t japanese or indian. simple as that. a full dc electrical with latest 3 valve technology with map sensors , a high output of 90 volts from alternator to charge the batteries super quick when compared to 24 volts of honda scooters.

    i think media is going hard on vespa for its low sales and calling it a dud in market. its vespa for christsake. when one buys this scoot their heart over mind matters. everyone cannot be like that. people have to think about economic conditions too and practicality of owning a scooter.

    and they selling it decent enough.
    not a failure at all this scooter!!

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