Honda to debut 125cc Activa at the 2014 Delhi Motor Show

Honda will launch a new version of the popular Activa automatic scooter at the 2014 Delhi Motor Show. The new version of the Activa will feature a 125cc engine thus becoming the first Honda automatic scooter to break the 110cc engine capacity barrier in the Indian market. The 125cc Honda Activa will take on the Suzuki Access and Swish 125 models and also the Mahindra Rodeo and the TVS Jupiter 125. Honda is expected to price the Activa 125 above the Honda Aviator, which is presently Honda’s most expensive scooter.

Honda Activa 110cc Automatic Scooter

Honda Activa 110cc Automatic Scooter used for representational purpose

The Honda Activa is the best selling scooter in the Indian market. By adding a new variant to the Activa line up, which already has the Activa 110 and the Activa-i models, Honda is aiming at increasing sales further. The new Activa 125 will be the top end Activa while the Activa-i will occupy the entry level position and the Activa 110 will be the mid-level offering. With a 125 cc engine, the Activa 125 could also be the fastest Honda automatic scooter in India. Honda is expected to equip the Activa 125 with HET (Honda Efficiency Technology).

HET improves mileage by reducing friction in the engine through the usage of low friction parts and by using a better air filter. These changes have allowed Honda to claim a 60 Kmpl mileage figure on the Activa-i and the Activa 110. Expect similar claimed fuel efficiency figures on the Activa 125 as well. The Activa range sorely misses out on telescopic front forks and disc brakes, two features which are available only on the Aviator. With the new 125cc scooter, Honda may added these features to the Activa line up.

We have to wait and watch to see whether Honda will embrace a brand new design for the Activa 125 or whether it will stick to the design theme of the Activa-i and 110 models. The suspense will be revealed soon as the Delhi Motor Show begins on the 5th February 2014.

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