Honda India launches upgraded Activa, Dio and Aviator with fuel efficiency boosting HET tech

Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India has upgraded its automatic scooter line up with the higher fuel economy, called the Honda-Eco-Technology or HET. Honda’s range of Activa, Dio and Aviator automatic scooters now come with a fuel efficiency claim of 60 Kmpl, which makes these scooters a few of the most fuel efficient ones sold in India. The higher fuel economy claimed on the 2013 versions of the Honda scooters come on the back of improved combustion, low friction engine internals and an optimized CVT transmission. The higher fuel economy represents a full 11% boost.

2013 Honda Aviator Automatic Scooter

2013 Honda Aviator Automatic Scooter used as an illustration

Given the high petrol prices across India, automatic scooter buyers will be glad for the additional fuel economy that Honda scooters now bring to the table. Apart from the improved engine and transmission for boosting fuel economy, Honda has also introduced new colors on these automatic scooters for 2013. The Aviator gets a new Metallic Royal Gold paint shade while the Dio gets a Pearl Yellow paint job. The Activa continues to be offered in five paint shades: Wild Purple, Grey, Pearl White, Black and Red. The Activa is priced at INR 47,188 while the Dio will set you back by 44,701.

The Aviator in standard trim is priced at INR 48,212 while the deluxe trim including the front disc brake costs INR 53,531. All prices reflect ex-showroom Delhi figures. Honda is the undisputed market leader in India, when it comes to automatic scooters, with the Activa single handedly outselling every other automatic scooter sold in the country. Honda has a market share of nearly 45% in the fast growing automatic scooter segment in India and its latest range of 2013 scooters are expected to be strong sellers, especially considering the fuel economy improvements that they now come with.

All three automatic scooters in Honda’s Indian range are now available with a waiting period of less than a month. The automatic scooter range that Honda has launched are powered by 110cc four stroke automatic engines mated to CVT automatic transmissions. The engines are renowned for their smooth power delivery and bomb proof reliability. These traits, along with Honda’s legendary quality levels have made these automatic scooters top sellers in India. Later this year, Honda could launch a brand new scooter in India, in the form of the PCX150 Maxi Scooter. Click here to read more about this scooter.

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