Honda to launch new Scooter Activa-i on 12th June

Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India is trying to penetrate Indian market aggressively by capturing all segments of the two wheeler market. Honda offers two wheelers right from day-to-day commuter bikes and scooters to high end sports bikes. The recent launches from Honda motorcycles India are Dream Neo 110 and CB Trigger 150. Positioned right next to Honda’s chief competitor Hero Motorcorp’s  product, both these well priced vehicles give tough competition to Hero and are also eyeing market-share of Bajaj Auto. Two-wheeler segment has huge potential in India and hence Honda is coming up with products to satisfy every class of customers. The invite having caption “Ready to Fly?” clearly implies another new product by Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India.

Honda-June-2013-Launch image

Honda-June-2013-Launch image

We could not trace the product directly from the image but according to our friend Gauri’s(from ‘OnCars’) Tweet , the new vehicle is a scooter called Activa-i. The automatic scooter market in India is heating up and it will be perfect move by Honda to capture segment which is ruled in 125cc class by Suzuki Access, Mahindra Duro, Suzuki Swish. We are unsure about the the engine, but considering the fact that Honda doesn’t have a scooter in the 125cc segment, there is a strong possibility that it will be based on Activa with 125cc mill. The other possibility is that of retaining the 109cc HET four stroke engine and adding a new touch to Activa, renaming it Activa-i cannot be eliminated.

If the Activa-i carries the 125cc mill, the engine is expected to be borrowed from the Honda Lead with a carbureted version for India rather than PGMFi. The vehicle will be Honda Motorcycles flagship product in the automatic scooter segment. Currently Honda sells Lead in Vietnam as performance scooter with hosts of features like fuel injected engine, idling stop system (start stop), DRLs and LED tail lamp. Activa-i may get DRLs and LED tail lamp if its only refreshed version of Activa. We will keep you posted about all the first hand info we have with us and live images from the launch. Watch this space. 

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