LML (re)launches Select 150cc four stroke scooter in Goa!


Lohia Machinery Limited, a.k.a. LML is a scooter maker that hit its zenith in the nineties when its scooter range in collaboration with Piaggio of Italy was a high quality alternative to the likes of the Bajaj Chetaks and Bravos of this world. As the bottom of the scooter market blew off in the late nineties, to be replaced by commuter 100cc four stroke motorcycles, LML was slow to see the change coming and in due course of time, had to go belly up in India. That said, the scooter maker continued to export its range of scooters to the European and other export markets across the world.

2012 LML Select 4 Stroke 150cc Scooter 1 LML (re)launches Select 150cc four stroke scooter in Goa!

2012 LML Select 4 Stroke 150cc Scooter

In the early noughties, at about the 2003-04 period, LML made a comeback to India as the Delhi market comprising of the National Capital Region(NCR) continued to show high demand for the traditional hand geared-side engined scooter. With Bajaj Auto missing-in-action, after choosing to concentrate on economy and premium motorcycles, LML was the only traditional scooter maker, apart from Honda with its Eterno 150, in India poised to take advantage of the latent demand that the NCR region continued to demonstrate for the traditional scooters. LML began selling a limited number of its four stroke 150cc scooter offerings in this market.

2012 LML Select 4 Stroke 150cc Scooter 2 LML (re)launches Select 150cc four stroke scooter in Goa!

2012 LML Select 4 Stroke 150cc Scooter

Now, LML is slowly (re)expanding its footprint to markets that it was once strong in. Goa is one such market and after restarting sales in the coastal state known for its mountains and beaches in 2011, LML has just expanded its portfolio by launching the LML Select four stroke scooter in Goa. The LML Select four stroke scooter displaces 147.5cc and produces a power-torque output of 8.7 Bhp-11.3 Nm. This power and torque output makes the LML Select the most powerful scooter in India. The engine is mated to a four speed hand operated gearbox.

2012 LML Select 4 Stroke 150cc Scooter 3 LML (re)launches Select 150cc four stroke scooter in Goa!

2012 LML Select 4 Stroke 150cc Scooter

LML claims a whopping fuel economy of 80 Kmpl, which the Select might very well be capable of delivering, for the scooter produces its peak power at 6,250 rpm and more importantly its peak torque at a low 4,250 rpm. LML has priced the four stroke Select scooter at a price of INR 53,475 ex-showroom Goa. Apart from the Select, LML also sells four stroke versions of the LML NV and the NV LS scooters in the Goan market, with both scooters featuring the same four stroke engine powering the Select. These scooters are also available in the NCR region of India. All LML scooters sold in India currently, come with a 30,000 Km/3 year warranty.

Going forward, LML also has plans of expanding to other scooter friendly regions in India and also is mulling the launch of the 200cc four stroke Star scooter. You can read about it here.

Via GoaOnWheels

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